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Bailey Cemetery
Carmel, NY


Baily, Benjamin

Born: 1785 BUYS #: 07
Died: Feb 28, 1823 Troy #: 06
06Aged: 37 Years Location:

The sccond child born to Devoue and Elizabeth, Benjamin also died prematurely at age 37, just seven months prior to the decease of Devoue. He was born in Carmel shortly after Devoue bought his first farm. Benjamin did not find favor with his father. In his Will of Dec. 1821, Devoue stated "having no confidence in the management of my said son (Benjamin) if I should place property at his disposal" and then placed the property in the hands of Trustees, including his two sons Willlam and Daniel and his friend Stephen Brown, Jr., for the benefit of Benjamin and his famlly, and in the event of his death to Abigail, his widow. In the August 1823 Codicil, his son Benjamin having died 7 months earlier, he revoked the legacy to Abigail, and left the property in trust to the children of Benjamin and Abigail Angevine of which there werc three: Stephen D., Harrison and Bcnjamin. The grandson Benjamin practiced law in Carmel and New York City and represented Putnam County in the State Assembly in 1846 under Gov. Sllas Wright.

It would seem that Harrison also died at an early age since no further detail is found in the researched data. Devoue's 1821 Will contains a legacy to his grandson "Harrison," but that is clearly a reference to Frederick Harrison, son of Levi.

Five of the fourteen tombstones in the Cemetery belong to Benjamin and his family including his
own, Stuart and Thomas Baily, his grandchildren, Eliza Ann Bailey, his daughter-in-law, and Margaret Angevine, his Mother-in-law(?).

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Baily, Devoue

Born: Mar 18, 1751 BUYS #: 08
Died: Oct 6, 1823 Troy #: 08
Aged: 72 Years 5 Months 18 Days Location:

Devoue was the patriarch of the Carmel Bailey Family. Bom in Rye, N. Y., he was the sixth of twelve children born to Levi and Jane, nee Gilchrist. His paternal frandparents were Nathaniel and Leah Devoe(?). His given name apparently derived from his grandmother's maiden name. His father, Levi, purchased 227 acres of land in North Salem in the year 1769. It appears that Devoue helped his father work that land until the Revolutionary War intervened. Despite the fact that two older brothers were fiercely loyal to the Crown, Devoue joined the 3rd Regiment of the NY Militia. After the war, he apparently returned to farming.

He purchased his first property in Carmel, a 161-acre farm, in 1784. He was 33 years old at the time, had been married to Elizabeth Smith for two years, and had a 1 year old son Stephen. He quickly made up for lost time. Over the next 15 years, he sired 9 more children for a total of ten, 9 boys and 1 girl.

[We don't know whatever happened to Elizabeth, the wife of Devoue. Married at age 23, she bore 10 children, lived with her husband for 40 years until his death, and witnessed the premature death of three of those 10 children. She inherited two cows, one horse, one riding chair (with harness), two beds with bedding, one clothes cupboard, and an annual stipend of ten dollars, ten pounds of wool and ten pounds of flax as long as she remained a widow. She also obtained exclusive possession of one room, again only so long as she remained a widow. How did she live during those last seven years of her life)? And where is she buried?]

Devoue also acquired land at a steady pace. By 1809, 25 years after his first purchase, he owned 1400 acres in Putnam County and an additional 200 acres in Somers.

ln 1795, when the Town of Carmel became a political entity, Devoue assumed the dual offices of Overseer Of The Poor and Tax Assessor. In the following year, 1795, Devoue became the second Supervisor in our Town's history, serving for a two year period. This willingness to nurture a newborn Town should, by itself, endear this man to all the citizens of our community.

Devoue's last Will and Testament dated Dcccmber 10, 1821 and amended by Codicil on August 30, 1823, just 36 days before his death on October 6, 1823 provides unusual insight into Devoue's character and personality. A typed copy of the Will is available in large easy-to-read type at the Carmel Historical Center. The visitor to the Cemetery should consider reading the will of Devoue Baily, patriot and pioneer.

Flag marker placed 14 June 1997 by the Italian-American Club.

Questions remain about Devoue's family. We don't know what happened to Hester, the youngest child and only daughter born to Devoue and Elizabeth. In the Codicil dated just 35 days before his death, Devoue disowned Hester and instead gave her legacy to her husband, John McKeel. We don't know where she is buried.

What happened to the land which Devoue acquired with his labor, patience and perseverance, and which he so carefully dissected to provide legacies for each of his living issue?

And why did only four of his ten children choose to be buried in the family Cemetery?

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Baily, Isaac

Born: 1797 BUYS #: 09
Died: Dec 8, 1825 Troy #: 05
Aged: 31 Years 5 Months 12 Days Location:

The eighth child and son born to Devoue and Elizabcth, Isaac died at age 27 and apparently left no heirs. Isaac, jointly with Thomas, inherited the farm on which the Cemetery is located together with the primary Bailey residence across the street from the Cemetery.

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Baily, Thomas

Born: 1837 BUYS #: 12
Died: Jan 31, 1842 Troy #: 11
Aged: 4 Years 6 Months 25 Days Location:

Son of Benjamin and Calista, nee Wilson, and grandson of Benjamin Thomas died at 4 years of age, cause and circumstance unknown. Benjamin and Calista had two other children named Elbert J. and William F.

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