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Union Valley Cemetery
Carmel, NY

Current Status: Active
Description: Though Methodist services have been conducted at the chapel, the chapel and cemetery are non-denominational.
GPS: N41° 21.774' W073° 41.710'
Location: Sandy Street at Union Valley Road
How To Access: Behind Methodist chapel
Tax Map No.:  
Owner of Record:  
Size & Use:  
Earliest Gravestone: Davis Sloat, d. 3 Oct 1834. Chapel erected 1860.
Most Prominent:  
Current Condition:  
Maintained By: Privately maintained by Union Valley Cemetery Assn., PO Box 326, Mahopac
Repairs Needed:  
Troy #: 1R

On February 28, 1860, members and relatives-by-marriage of the Ganong family gathered at the home of James B. Ganong to discuss the acquisition of land for a cemetery and a chapel.

The Ganongs came to this country from France in 1686 during the Huguenot persecution. Three Ganong brothers settled in what is now Carmel and one of them had a son, Jacob. Jacob was a farmer and he and his wife, Hanna (Wilson), had 10 children. Of these children, Daniel, Thomas, James, and Horton stayed in Carmel.

Daniel’s sons, Jonet and Oscar, were among the first trustees of the Union Valley Cemetery Corporation. Oscar was elected treasurer. “Baly”

Bailey) Ganong was elected President; Charles Sloat, Vice-President; and Leonard Ganong, Secretary. The certificate of incorporation was notarized on March 1, 1860 by Justice of the Peace Edward Wright. Other members of the corporation were James B, Ganong, Erastus Gregory, Edwin C. Ganong, Stephen Vores, and Perry McCollum.

Today, Wendy Erickson is President; Greg Amato, Vice President; Ginny Gardineer, Treasurer; MaryEllen DiRaffaele, Secretary; and Dennis DiRaffaele, Superintendent of the Grounds. Serving on the Board of Trustees today are Renee Usmiller; Kirsten Stoppel; William Frederickson; and Cheryl Gardineer.

There was some indication of financial difficulties in the formative years through a reference in the minutes to cash put up by individual trustees to cover obligations the association could not meet. “$76.15 in debt in 1864, owed for the care of the yard” is one item. It was necessary to assess plot holders for upkeep. One of its financial backers was Thaddeus R. Ganong, whose prominence is indicated to some extent, by the size of the vault that contains his remains. Thaddeus was a building contractor and mason highly respected in two counties for his cut stone work. He built the Shrub Oak Methodist Church, the Stoneleigh Farm house, and the original house on Fairy Island in Lake Mahopac, which he built for his own use.

The chapel served the community until 1923. It is topped by a modest belfry and has double doors in a recessed doorway. It stands on 4½ acres of land surrounded by a white gated stone wall. The cemetery consists of 230 plots according to a map made in 1951. By-laws drawn up in 1907 put the property completely under the control of the stockholders.

The organ in the church originally belonged to Mrs. Howard Smith, who had it brought in for a special occasion and never took it away. Mrs. Smith retired in February 1960 after 55 years of service as organist to the Mahopac Methodist Church.

The chapel, which seats 150 people, is non-sectarian and belongs to the plot-holders. It does not come within the diocese or the Methodist Church, although the pulpit has been filled by Mahopac Methodist ministers who also served the Mt. Hope Church at Mahopac Mines. Gilbert Wright deeded the land on which the church stands.

The first annual meeting was held on March 1, 1861, in the church, but no election was held because no plots had been sold. The voting for new trustees had to be deferred for another year.

- Reference Putnam County Courier

There are 1,289 buried in Union Valley Cemetery; 99 are Veterans; 14 graves are marked in the database as "Unknown." A map of this cemetery layout can be viewed and printed by clicking here.

Union Valley Cemetery is still active; burials are ongoing. Due to the size and active status of this cemetery, the mission of the Putnam County Historic Cemetery Committee, and in honor of Putnam County's bicentennial, these webpages only list those burials prior to and including 1912.

An old quarry for gravestones is located on Shindagan Hill, Union Valley, on private property. This is the source of stone which has a dark waving grain pattern, used at Union Valley Cemetery for some of the gravestones and the chapel foundation.

References: Horton, Fisher #42, Buys p.237

Click on a surname (FAMILY or LAST name) below to go to the webpage cataloging all family members buried here; you will also find their birth/death dates, photos of headstones if available, and location of burial plot.

? Child
? Eliza
? Mamie

Adams Amanda Wright
Adams David
Adams Fletcher
Adams Matilda
Adams Zilpha

Agor Anderson
Agor Eliza
Agor Everett

Aitken Eleanor A.

Allen Frank

Allisant Meda
Allisant Richard

Ames Mariah

Anderson Charles
Anderson George H.
Anderson Harvey E.
Anderson Joan M.
Anderson Mary E,
Anderson Tamer A. Ganung

Anjavine Phoebe

Antinucci Daniel

Appell Howard
Appell Jeanette

Archer Edgar
Archer Elizabeth
Archer Lloyd L.
Archer Ruth

Arning Genevieve Harris
Arning Henry B.

Austin Amy Hitt
Austin Samuel

Azadian Mary
Azadian Tomas
Azadian Toras

Bade Timothy

Bahrett Charles
Bahrett Child
Bahrett Child
Bahrett Child

Bailey Eliza Horton
Bailey Fowler
Bailey Frank
Bailey Grant
Bailey Horace
Bailey Ira
Bailey Juliaetta Lounsbury
Bailey Samuel E.
Bailey Sarah
Bailey William
Baker Annie
Baker Child
Baker Cora E. Ganung
Baker Edwin Stanley
Baker Howard
Baker Howard L.
Baker I. Edwin
Baker Leander
Ball Helen Barton
Ball Lee H.
Ball Mrs. (Mabel)
Bander Samuel
Banker Daniel
Banker Irving
Banker Jane Curry
Banker Sarah Curry
Banker Stephen
Banker William
Barker Caroline
Barker Child
Barker Child
Barker Elizabeth Wixon
Barker Frank C.
Barker William
Barker William A.
Barnett Mabel
Barnett Russell
Barnum Charles E.
Barnum Ollie
Barnum Phoebertha
Barrett Clarissa J.
Barrett Dorothy Edith
Barrett Hamp
Barrett Hanford
Barrett Ida
Barrett Ira T.
Barrett Knowlton
Barrett Richard
Barrett Shane Smart
Barrett Sidney Charles
Barrett Susan A. Lockwood
Bartkus Anne
Bartkus Valerian J.
Bates Julia Anna Wright
Beal Bentley G.
Beal Elton A.
Beal Mary E.
Becker Child
Becker Erma
Belger Elizabeth
Belger Walter
Belzner Lena
Benda Frank
Benjamin Mamie
Benjamin William A.
Bennett Anna O.
Bennett Clara May
Bennett Claude
Bennett Della
Bennett Edward
Bennett George E.
Bennett Hazel K.
Bennett Lydia
Bennett Roy Amber.
Bennett Walter J.
Bergh Clarence W.
Bergh Dorothy
Bevins Mrs.
Beyea Helen
Beyea Lewis
Bill Anna
Bischofsberger Lawrence W. Sr
Bittner Charles
Bittner Ernest C. Sr.
Bittner Ernest E. Jr.
Bittner George
Bittner John
Bittner Laura
Bittner Lulu A. Coons
Bittner Myrtle
Bloomer Charles L.
Bloomer Dorothy
Bloomer Paul
Boethe Minnie R. Romanoski
Bohn John H.
Bonnes Carrie Winkler
Bonnes Charles
Bonnes Kenneth Paul, Sr.
Bornholz Elsie B.
Bornholz Howard C.
Bornoltz John Anderson
Botsford Bert
Brady Arthur C.
Brady Barbara Turner
Brady Benjamin R.
Brady Chester
Brady Cornelius T.
Brady Derek John
Brady Dorothy R.
Brady Emma Banker
Brady Esther F.
Brady Harry L.
Brady Henrietta
Brady Luella M. Barrett
Brady Mattie H.
Brady Myrtle May
Brady Patrick
Brady Ralph
Brady Willie J.
Braithwaite George
Brassington Mildred
Brew Walton
Brien Jane
Brinkerhoff Frances
Brinkerhoff William C.
Brown John A.
Brown Kathryn VanGils
Brune Agnes A.
Brune George V.
Budries George W.
Burrows Constance A.
Burrows John
Burrows Walter H.
Butler Beatrice G.
Butler Roberta
Butler William N.
Carbonaro James Gregory
Cargain John
Cargain Mary
Carlson Hulda S.
Carlson John A.
Carney Sarah
Carpenter Susan M.
Carpenter William H.
Carr Enis
Carr Joseph S. Sr.
Carr Mary Spain
Carr Maureen A. Ryan
Carr Roderick
Carraher Lynne
Carroll Gertrude
Castegner Lauren Beth
Castegner Marian
Castegner Victor F.
Castegner Victor Vincent
Catuogno Tuillio
Chalaire Eva
Chalaire Walter
Challou Hubert
Chichester Child
Chichester Lydia Lockwood
Chichester Samuel
Chou Ping-Chuen
Christopher William
Church Frederick L.
Civirarese Nicholas
Civitarese Yolanda
Clark Andrew R.
Clark Elizabeth Palmer
Clark G. Wesley
Clark Henry D.
Clark Margarette D.
Clark Mary C.
Clark Minnie Tilford
Coelho Manuel
Condon Mabel
Condon Maurice
Conklin Catherine
Conklin Charles
Conklin Mrs.
Contenti Julia
Cooke Capt. George H.
Corsa Charlie
Corsa Ella C.
Corsa Florence E. W.
Corsa Josephine B.
Corsa William H.
Coti Elsie
Craft George A.
Croce Fred Guy
Cullens ?
Cullens Elizabeth A.
Curry Anetia Pearl
Curry Arthur
Curry James W.
Curry Minnie Jane Post
Curry Nancy K. Smith
Dampman David
Dampman Helen C.
Daniel Hershell
Dayton Benjamin F.
Dayton Child
Dayton Clinton
Dayton Emeline Mead
Dayton Frederick D.
Dayton Margaret
Deats Celia Travis
Decatur Halsey Jay
Dellosa Donato
Dellosa Lucia
Denton Pearl
Denton Stanley B.
Dittmeyer Anna
Dittmeyer Ludwig
Donnelly Frances M
Donnelly John
Donnelly John J. Jr
Donnelly Phoebe
Donnelly Robert E.
Duffy James
Dunning Amanda
Dunning Bernie
Dyke Susan
Dykeman Mary
Edge George
Egbert Estell Powers
Egbert George Drew.
Ellis G. Edward
Ellis Nancy
Erickson Edward M.
Ernano Edward F.
Ernano Edward G.
Esposito Anthony Jr.
Evans Fideliac
Fall William
Fazio Alvira
Fazio Alvira
Fazio Fred
Fazio Fred
Ferguson Augusta
Ferguson Elbert
Ferguson Julia A.
Ferris Marcus
Ferris Mrs.
Ferris Starr F.
Fisher Adelaide
Fisher Alfred
Fisher Arthur
Fisher Edwin
Fisher Elizabeth
Fisher John
Fisher Mary E.
Flood Christopher
Floter Eric H.
Floter Johanna
Foote Robert N.
Ford Harriet
Ford Walter
Fossati Robert
Fowler Alice B.
Fowler Caroline
Fowler Carrie B.
Fowler Clenidene
Fowler Esther M. Sloat
Fowler Francis Taylor
Fowler Glens
Fowler Thomas B.
Fowler William H.
Frederickson William
Frederickson William Edward Sr.
Freeburn Daniel T..
Freeburn Joseph M.
French Douglas R.
French Harold M.
French Helen A.
Frost Alice K.
Frost Charles J.
Frost Franklin
Frost Hester Smith
Frost James A.
Frost Jen
Frost Mervin
Frost Mrs. M.
Frost Richard Brooks
Frost Sophia
Fuller Elbert
Fuller Freida
Fuller Hanna
Fuller Martha M.
Gaines Irene Faulkner
Gaines James P.
Ganong Carrie E.
Ganong Catherine Chorney
Ganong Chauncey
Ganong Chester C.
Ganong Child
Ganong Clarence L.
Ganong Clarinda
Ganong Deborah
Ganong Earle C.
Ganong Eliza C.
Ganong Emma A.
Ganong Euphemia W.
Ganong Frank
Ganong Frank E.
Ganong George
Ganong Georgeana
Ganong Helen M.
Ganong Infant
Ganong Jonett
Ganong Jonett
Ganong Josephine
Ganong Josephine M.
Ganong Kennth W.
Ganong Laura J.
Ganong Leslie
Ganong Leslie Chester
Ganong Louise
Ganong Mabel Swanson
Ganong Mortimer
Ganong Oscar
Ganong Otis
Ganong Paul
Ganong Raymond W.
Ganong Sarah M.
Ganong Thomas
Ganong Thomas W.
Ganong Wallace O.
Ganong William H.
Ganun Ashabel
Ganun Charles A.
GaNun Charles Fredrick.
Ganun Children
Ganun Doris
Ganun Elbert N.
Ganun Frank
Ganun Frank Jr.
Ganun Gordon
Ganun Irving V.
Ganun Jackson
Ganun James
Ganun Jane
Ganun Mary A.
Ganun May McIntosh
Ganun Mrs. Frank
Ganun Mrs. James
Ganun Nancy J. Vail
Ganun Phyrne
Ganun Sarah Vermilyea
Ganun Thomas
Ganung Abie A.
Ganung Abigail
Ganung Able W.
Ganung Abraham
Ganung Alfred
Ganung Alonzo
Ganung Ann Sloat
Ganung Anna E. Knox
Ganung Arthur C.
Ganung Bailey
Ganung Bailey
Ganung Cecelia
Ganung Daryl T.
Ganung Edwin C.
Ganung Eliza
Ganung Elmer E.
Ganung Esther S.
Ganung Euphemia
Ganung Frank Richard
Ganung Grace
Ganung Grace H. Wright
Ganung Hamilton
Ganung Hannah J.
Ganung Henrietta
Ganung Ida M.
Ganung Infant
Ganung Issac
Ganung Jackson
Ganung James B.
Ganung Jeremiah
Ganung John S.
Ganung Josephine
Ganung Leon E.
Ganung Leonard
Ganung Lownie
Ganung Malinda
Ganung Maranda
Ganung Marcus
Ganung Marianne Hudson
Ganung Mary A.
Ganung Mary B.
Ganung Mary E.
Ganung Mary Elizabeth
Ganung Mattie
Ganung Mila Austin
Ganung Mortimer
Ganung Nancy
Ganung Nellie
Ganung Phebe
Ganung Phebe Ann
Ganung Ralph
Ganung Rebecca Austin
Ganung Roxana
Ganung Sarah E
Ganung Thaddeus Raymond
Ganung Thomas
Ganung Thomas D.
Ganung Tommie
Ganung Willie
Gary Louise
Geibel Catherine Wolf
Geibel Conrad
Geibel George
Giampino Lorraine
Gilbert Edith Grainger
Gilbert William Leslie
Giles Annie I.
Giles Robert
Girardi Lorraine
Girardi Richard
Godfrey Anne E.
Goess Edwin A.
Golder Andrew
Golder Curtis
Golder Iretta
Grady Edith
Grape Gwendolyn Jones
Grape Henry Albert
Grape Husband of Ida
Grape Ida
Green Elizabeth J.
Green Gilbert C.
Green Robert
Gregory Alven
Gregory Clara T.
Gregory Delia A. Vail
Gregory Erastus B.
Gregory George
Gregory Mary
Greimel Otto
Gumpert Laura Boker
Gumpert Otto Augustus
Hager Walter
Haight Charles A. Jr.
Haight Charles Sr.
Haight Florence
Haight George
Haight George Earl
Haight George K.
Haight Mrs. Charles
Haight Ophelia Smalley
Haines Francis
Haines Laura Jane Croft
Hall Leland
Harrington Lucy Weber Harrington
Harris William
Hart Clara William
Hart William
Hausermann Heda
Hausermann Oscar
Heden Florence
Henderson Bessie Secord
Higgins Lewis
Higgins Salinnia
Hill Archie
Hill Edith Dayton
Hitchcock David
Holstein Lawrence Thomas
Holstein Olga Stieglitz
Horr Rita
Horton George
Horton Louise Smith
Horton Saxon
Horton William Henry
Howes Louis
Howes Robert L.
Howes Selma
Howes Seth B.
Hudson Ada Louise Morris
Hudson Harriet
Hudson Harriet Hudson
Hudson Susan Beach
Hudson William Mathew
Hults Gilbert
Hults Henry A.
Hults Susan J.
Hyatt Agnes
Hyatt Alvah
Hyatt Catherine
Hyatt Lucy Ann
Hyatt Maggie
Hyatt Sarah
Inslee Henry Edwin
Inslee Nettie
Jelliff Jemima J.
Jelliff John B.
Jelliff Martha H.
Jelliff Preston T.
John Harry
John Louise Priscott
Johnson Bessie
Johnson Selma
Jones George
Jones Thaddius O.
Jordan Jamee
Karr Bessie
Kellogg Carll I
Kellogg Donald
Kellogg Eleanor
Kellogg Elizabeth Davis
Kellogg Sara Delong
Kellogg Thomas Orcutt
Kelly James
Kenney Josephine A.
Kenney Mary A.
Kenney Norman C.
Kenney Robert J.
Kenney Theodore
Kenney Theodore Jr
Kenney William N.
Knapp Carrie F.
Knapp Drake
Knapp Edward L.
Knapp Elias
Knapp Francis
Knapp Harrison
Knapp Hester
Knapp Robert L.
Knapp Sandford C.
Kniffin Blanch
Kniffin Chauncey
Kniffin Child
Kniffin Claude S.
Kniffin David
Kniffin David
Kniffin Gilbert
Kniffin Kelleb
Kniffin Mrs. K.
Kniffin Robert
Kniffin Sarah Travis
Kniffin Silvenus
Kniffin Susan Travis
Kniffin William
Knox Clarence
Knox George H.
Knox Hattie
Knox Irving
Knox Mary E.
Knox Roxana Delavann
Knox Stephen
Knox William Frank
Koehler Margaret
Kraitchman Beatrice Manning
Lacoardelli Pearl
LaForgue Henry
LaForgue Kate Agnes
Lages Elizabeth Ashworth
Lages Joseph Sr.
Landfield David
Landfield Harry
Landfield Herbert
Landfield Joseph
Landfield Lonna
Landfield Louis
Landfield Mary
Landfield Walter
Laraway Erle Rutgers
Laraway Saidee Ganun
Lemmens Lawrence
Lent Calvin
Lent James
Lent Lydia Delavan
Leu Frederick
Leu Otteline Raymond
Leur Helene
Leur Wilhelma
Lewis John E.
Lewis Lottie A.
Light Alonzo
Light Child
Light Daughter
Light Frank
Light George E.
Light Lidia
Light Margaret Ann
Light Mary E.
Light William F.
Light William W.
Light William W.
Lindgrew Hilda

Lockwood Blanche E.
Lockwood Child
Lockwood Ethel
Lockwood Frank A.
Lockwood Harry
Lockwood Harry
Lockwood Lewis B.
Lockwood Mary
Lockwood Minnie
Lockwood Sadie Stevens
Lockwood Spencer
Lockwood Vic
Lockwood Walter E.
Long Jennie
Luccaro Anthony
Luhrs Marie
Luke Marie J.W.
Lupul George N.
Lupul Olga Shaw
Lupul Sophia

Maass Andrew N.
Maass Marion N.
MacFarlane Joseph
MacFarlane Margorie Kellogg
Mack Donald A.
Mack Margarete Carlson
Mahnert Helen
Mahnert Melinda Marie
Mahnert Wilfred K.
Mahoney William
Maltby Eleanor
Maltby Lee
Martin George
Mason George
Mathews George W.
Mathews John H.
Mathews Nancy
Mathews Susan L.
Matteson Ernest E.
Matteson Merwin
Matteson Mildred
Maurice Edna M.
Maurice Thomas F.
McCaull Esther
McCaull Esther
McCaull John C.
McCaull Thomas
McCollum Anna A.Tilford
McCollum Baby
McCollum Benjamin
McCollum Catherine
McCollum Doris S.
McCollum Franklin
McCollum Gladys
McCollum Harry J.
McCollum Harry R.
McCollum James
McCollum Nancy
McCollum Perry
McCollum Polly Fosdick
McGonagle Stephen
McGouey Richard P.
McGrinder Patrick
McKeel Arnold
McKeel Douglas
McKeel James
McKeel James M.
McKeel Lena
McKeel Maria
McKeel Nettie
McKeel Phoebe
McKeel Sarah
McKeel William O.
McKnight Elaine
McKnight Forest
McLaren Arthur
McLaren Helen
McLaren James A.
McLaren Martha Ligon
McLaren Thomas
Mead Child
Mead Diane
Mead Diane S.
Mead Elsa
Mead Ferris D.
Mead Jane
Mead Leonard Oscar
Mead Mary A. McCollum
Mead Pauline Estelle
Mead Robert
Mead Susie
Mead William
Mead William E.
Merrick Carrie Haines
Merrick Charles C.
Merrick Child
Merrick Frank
Merrick George C.
Merrick Rachel
Meyer Lillian
Michell Maurice
Michell Rosemary
Miller Anna
Miller Anna E.
Miller Bridget
Miller Clarence Jr.
Miller Clarence Sr.
Miller Donald R.
Miller Donald W.
Miller Lewis
Miller Mildred C.
Miller William
Miller William K.
Minerly Alma
Mink George J.
Minnerley Baby
Minnerley Kate Ryder
Minnerley LeRoy S.
Minnerly A. M.
Monte Walter
Montrose Sarah
Mulroy Michelle
Munch Mary
Murphy Clara
Nell Donald E.
Nelsen Morten C.
Nesbitt John C.
Netsch Amy
Netsch Betty Jane
Netsch Joseph
Netsch Joseph J.
O'Connell George F.
O'Connell Marion A.
O'Connor Daniel David
Oddo Raymond V.
O'Dell Bradford
O'Dell Cornelia
O'Dell Curtis
O'Dell Ella Kniffin
O'Dell Hezekiah
Olsen Lillie
Olsen Robert
Olson Edith
Ostrander Adella V.
Ostrander Edward F.
Ostrander Etta
Ostrander Gideon
Ostrander Isabella
Ostrander James R.
Ostrander John Robert
Ostrander Laura J. Drew
Ostrander Mildred Deats
Ostrander Susie D.
Ostrander Walton Drew
Paine William
Palmer Benjamin Wright
Palmer Fannie W.
Palmer Mary Prendergast
Palmer Philander
Parent Elizabeth
Parent James
Parker Child of Sidney
Penasso Joan
Penasso Joseph
Percell Sarah
Percell Willie
Petat Child
Phelan Grace P.
Pickles Edna E.
Pierce Beryl
Pierce Byron
Pinori Paige Marie
Popelar Fannie
Popelar Joseph M.
Potter Adah Z. Cowan
Potter George W.
Pottow Arthur
Pottow Estelle y D'Orchimont
Powers Caroline M. Brundage
Powers Daniel T.
Powers Freddie E.
Powers Joseph T.
Powers Oscar B.
Powers Samuel J.
Powers Samuel J. Jr.
Puglisi Concetta
Puglisi Nicholas
Purdy Daniel J.
Purdy James A.
Purdy Nettie V.
Purdy Norman B.
Purdy Ruth
Purdy Susie J.
Quick Agustus B.
Quick Albert T.
Quick Annie G.
Quick Fannie
Quick Kate Tompkins
Quick Mary Hitt
Quick Thomas H.
Rau Julia M. Kenney
Ray Florence Warren
Ray George Sloat
Ray Hellen Gorham
Ray Robert Benson
Raymond Mary A.
Raymond Thomas
Reed Faith
Regan Margaret
Regan Richard
Reitz James E.
Reitz James F.
Reitz Julia A.
Reynolds Anna
Reynolds Child
Reynolds Harry
Reynolds Laura Brooks
Reynolds Mary
Reynolds Melissa Ganung
Reynolds William H.
Ribeth Elsie M
Ribeth Robert H.
Rice Josh
Richdale Cora B.
Richdale Herbert W.
Ridgeway ?
Ritchie Adam
Ritchie Cora
Ritchie Elizabeth Shenton
Ritchie Hattie A.
Ritchie James Grant
Ritchie Mamie
Roberto Alice
Robinson ?
Robinson ?
Robinson Child
Roe Child
Roe Sarah Josephine
Rogers ?
Rogers ?
Romanoski Fred H.
Ross Edison
Ross Irene
Ross Richard E.
Rossi Helen
Roussin Carrie E. Sloat
Rubino Adele
Rudd Harold
Rudemyer John
Rudolph Erna W.
Rudolph Max
Ruska Anna
Rusky Ellen
Rusky Noah
Rusky Spencer
Russell Josephine W.
Ryan Augustus John
Ryder Amborose
Ryder Edward W.
Ryder Eliza
Ryder Frances W.
Ryder Ida Wayre
Ryder Jacob
Ryder Thaddeus
Ryder Viola
Sagarin Edward
Sagarin Gertude Esther
Sagarin Patricia
Sallstrom Gunhild
Sallstrom Gunnar E.
Sanseverino John, Jr.
Scaglia John J
Schirmer Helen
Schirmer Paul
Scofield Anna
Scofield Freddie E.
Scofield George A.
Scofield George W.
Scofield Henry John
Scofield Laura J. Gray
Scofield Mary
Seaman Charlotte Rita
Seaman Emma Jane
Seaman George W.
Seaman Lydia A.
Secord Chloe
Secord Elsie G.
Secord George Ernest
Secord Joseph
Secord Lena
Selfe Elizabeth
Selfe Jessie
Shear Daniel B.
Shear Martha A.
Shear Sarah E.
Shear Simon
Simon John
Sjotun Harold
Sloat Anna Travis
Sloat AnnisWarren
Sloat Arthur
Sloat Benson
Sloat Betrie Bristol
Sloat Bud F.
Sloat Byron
Sloat Carrie G.
Sloat Charles L.
Sloat Charles L.
Sloat Charles M.
Sloat Charles M.
Sloat Clifford H.
Sloat Daisy B.
Sloat David S.
Sloat Edson
Sloat Edson M.
Sloat Elbert
Sloat Emma Florence
Sloat Emma J. Vores
Sloat Frank D.
Sloat George F.
Sloat Gracie
Sloat Henry
Sloat Hettie
Sloat Howard E.
Sloat James
Sloat James B.
Sloat James S. Stanley
Sloat Jane Wright
Sloat Jessie
Sloat Leonard G.
Sloat Levina Lent
Sloat Lucy Phillips
Sloat Martha
Sloat Mary
Sloat Mary
Sloat Mary E.
Sloat Maud
Sloat Merold
Sloat Michael
Sloat Minnie
Sloat Naomi Wright
Sloat Oliver M.
Sloat Orman
Sloat Orville
Sloat Rachel Ganung
Sloat Rachel Travis
Sloat Sammie
Sloat T. Walton
Sloat Warren
Slough Bertha Kenney
Smalley Phebe J.
Smith Anna Cecelia
Smith Catherine
Smith Charles
Smith Charles G.
Smith Child
Smith Clarence
Smith Clarence
Smith Daisy
Smith Edison M.
Smith Eleanor M.
Smith Elizabeth
Smith Elizabeth Romanowski
Smith Emma Angevine
Smith Emma J.
Smith Florence Jessie
Smith Freda Rice
Smith George W.
Smith Grover
Smith Henry H.
Smith Howard W.
Smith James
Smith James L.
Smith Jessie Ann Rich
Smith Joel
Smith John J.
Smith Joseph
Smith Laura A. Hults
Smith Leonard M.
Smith Mary E. Hults
Smith Mary Tompkins.
Smith Maynard A.
Smith Melissa Sprauge
Smith Mervin H.
Smith Minnie
Smith Nancy
Smith Sadie
Smith Walter R.
Smith William Arthur
Smith William W.
Spavins Herbert E.
Spavins Iola H.
Spavins John Thomas
Spavins Mary
Sprance Thomas C.
Sprauge Emma
Springsteel Nathaniel
Springsteel Thelda Wright
Spurrell Blanche B.
Spurrell Leslie L.
Squires Child
St. Peter Cassie B.
Stanton Eddie O.
Stanton Mrs. Anna T.
Stephenson Mrs.
Stevens Edison M.
Stevens Fred
Stevens Hester S.
Stevens James H.
Stevens Johannah K.
Stevens Susan Snith
Stevens Theron
Stewart Mary Ann
Sullivan Emily Kelsey
Sullivan Marie J.
Sullivan Thomas R.
Swanson Alice L.
Swanson Archie Wildey
Swanson Belle
Swanson Dorothy
Swanson Edwin
Swanson Frederick L. Sr
Swanson Gladys
Swanson Harold Claud
Swanson Harrison A.
Swanson Hilda
Swanson Matilda
Swanson Swen August
Swarm Edward W. Sr
Sweitzer ?
Sytnik Frank
Taback Joan L. Vermeul
Tate David Wade
Taylor Sarah E.
Taylor William
Thomas Tammy Lynn
Thompson Edward K.
Thompson Lee Eitington
Thornham John
Thornham Julia
Tibeles Sarah
Tilford Charles William
Tilford Edna M. Pinckney
Tilford Ethel B. Faulkner
Tilford Gertrude
Tilford Louisa A. Light
Tilford Samuel H. Jr.
Tilford Samuel T. Sr.
Tilford W. Ralph
Tilford William H.
Tompkins Charles J.
Tompkins Clarence
Tompkins Dennie J.
Tompkins Dilazon
Tompkins Frieda
Tompkins Harriet
Tompkins Jacob C.
Tompkins James P.
Tompkins Jane Smith
Tompkins Jared W.
Tompkins John M.
Tompkins Judith
Tompkins Judith L.
Tompkins Madeline M.
Tompkins Maria A. Quick
Tompkins Thomas W.
Tonnessen Kjell O.
Townsend Phoebe A.
Travis Elizabeth Wright
Travis Hannah E.
Travis Hannah Pickney
Travis Harold K.
Travis Janice
Travis Joseph
Travis Lewis
Travis Louis
Travis Mary Sloat
Travis Nancy
Travis Robert
Travis Samuel W.
Truesdale Sarah L.
Turner Bettyce Jean
Turner Herbert Blauvelt
Turner Maude Adams
Turrell Phoebe Ann
Tuttle Earl
Tuttle Frances Howes
Upham Child
Upham Child
Upham Helen
Upham Lillian
Upham Otis
Usmiller Evelyn R.
Usmiller William
Vail Frederick
Vail Infant
Vail John Henry
Vail Susan R.
Vandras J.
VanGils George S.
VanGils Issac Jacob Jr.
VanGils Issac Jacob Sr.
VanGils Theodorae
Veschi Joseph
VonSot ?
Vores Agusta F.
Vores Bernice
Vores Charles
Vores Charles S.
Vores Cora
Vores David
Vores Elmer F.
Vores F. Majal
Vores Harriet Quick
Vores Hattie E.
Vores Ida M.
Vores Isabel-Warren-Smith
Vores James Henry
Vores Jessie
Vores Kate
Vores Laura
Vores Laura H.
Vores Louisa
Vores M. Fillmore
Vores Margery
Vores Nettie
Vores Roberta C.
Vores Stephen
Vores Ward
Vores William B.
Vredenburg Clarissa
Vredenburg Henry
Walasin Sophie
Walka Rudolph J.
Walsh Raymond H.
Warren Amelia Cook
Warren Benson
Warren Eliza
Warren Enos
Warren Ettie
Warren Euphemia
Warren Hamilton
Warren Henry C.
Warren James Kendree
Warren James Washington
Warren Jane Chambers
Warren John Sloat
Warren Melvin C.
Warren Rebecca Ann
Warren Sarah E. Wright
Warren Sarah G.
Washburn Lillian J.
Watterson Ann M.
Watterson John
Webber Amelia
Webber Elizabeth Zickler
Webber Joseph
Webber Joseph A. Jr.
Webber Mary Elizabeth
Weeks Charles
Weeks Dorinda Wright
Weeks Edward
Weeks Lulu
Weeks Mary
Westcott Carrie E. Sloat
Westcott Frank B.
Westcott Ida J.
Westcott Milan
Wheeler Emily
Wheeler Ernest
Wheeler Frankie A.
Wheeler Phebe Jane
Wheeler Rose
Wheeler Willie
Whitmore Charles C.
Whitmore Louise
Whitney Ephram
Whitney Susan Brewer
Wilber Amanda
Wilber Henry
Wiley Baby
Wiley James Jr.
Wiley James Wiley
Wiley Rebecca
Williams ?
Williams Child
Williams Doris
Williams Edith
Williams Emma M.
Williams Hollis G.
Williams Isach S.
Williams Thera B.
Williams William B.
Wilsea Charles J.
Wilsea Evelyn
Winslow Charles S.
Winslow Elizabeth Macomber
Winslow Hiram B.
Wixon Clayton C.
Wixon Fulton
Wixon Henry
Wixon Lany
Wixon Wendell M.
Wolfinger Robert
Wooster Olive
Worthington Edward J.
Wright ?
Wright Abby
Wright Agusta Bailey
Wright Caleb
Wright Charles H.
Wright David
Wright Dorinda
Wright E. H.
Wright Edith Eugina
Wright Eliza
Wright Eliza
Wright Ella E.
Wright Ezra
Wright Fannie
Wright Frances
Wright Gilbert
Wright Hannah J.
Wright Harrison
Wright Helen
Wright Horace
Wright James
Wright Lewis
Wright Marcus
Wright Maria
Wright Martha Ganung
Wright Mary
Wright Mary A.
Wright Mary Ann
Wright Mary E.
Wright Mrs. O.J.
Wright Nathaniel T.
Wright Oscar J.
Wright Platt S.
Wright Platt Sloat Jr.
Wright Samuel V.
Wright Sarah Palmer
Wright Sarah Sloat
Wright Simon
Wright Stephen
Wright Stephen T.
Wright Susan E. Shear
Wright Will B. F.
Yeager Arlean
Yeager Benjamin
Yearmans Susan Wright
Zaffino Catherrine
Zaffino Frank J.