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Carmel, NY

Please click on the cemetery name in the left navigation bar to visit the website section dedicated to that cemetery. There you will find the location and a map of the cemetery, information about parking, names and locations of people buried there, pictures of all identifiable stones, and additional information (from various census reports) as available.

There are 18 historic cemeteries to be found in Carmel [Troy#1_]:

    1. Bailey Cemetery [1A]
    2. Ballard-Barrett Cemetery (a.k.a. Red Mills Baptist Cemetery; Mahopac [Falls] Baptist Cemetery) [1B]
    3. Barrett Free Graves Cemetery (a.k.a. Barrett Cemetery; Barrett Hill Cemetery) [1C]
    4. Carver Cemetery (a.k.a. NYC Watershed Plot; Chase Cemetery) [1D]
    5. Cole Farm Plot [1E]
    6. Crane Cemetery (a.k.a. Baldwin-Crane-Fowler Cemetery) [1F]
    7. Fowler Cemetery (a.k.a. Fowler Ground; Pardee Cemetery) [1G]
    8. Gilead Burying Ground [1H]
    9. Gregory Cemetery [1I]
    10. Hill Cemetery [1J]
    11. Hughson Cemetery (a.k.a. Bolding Plot, Griffen Cemetery, and Indian Cemetery) [1K]
    12. Kelley Cemetery [1L]
    13. Mt. Carmel Baptist Cemetery [1M]
    14. Old Baptist Burying Ground (a.k.a. Old Baptist Cemetery, Patriots Cemetery, and Revolutionary War Cemetery) [1N]
    15. Old Methodist Cemetery (a.k.a. Mahopac Methodist Episcopal Cemetery) [1O]
    16. Old Presbyterian Cemetery (a.k.a. First Presbyterian Cemetery; Austin-Badeau Cemetery) [1P]
    17. Raymond Hill Cemetery [1Q]
    18. Union Valley Cemetery [1R]

    19. Belden Slave Cemetery (lost) (a.k.a. Shaw Cemetery) [1Z1]
    20. Drewville Cemetery (site inundated circa 1906 by Croton Falls Reservoir. No primary references to exact location have yet been found) [1Z2]
    21. Mead's Corners Cemetery (lost after 1969; may have been developed. Location and Access: west side of Seminary Hill Road, north of Rock Mill Road, in woods. Approx. GPS pending accurate tax-map location. References: 1927 County tax list; 1960s Town tax records (1/4 acre, tax-exempt cemetery); Fisher map) [1Z3]
    22. Smith Graves (Long-lost to West Branch Reservoir flooding. Location: vicinity of Washington Ave. and Carver Cemetery. Graves of David Smith (1727-1783) and wife, of Eastham, MA. GPS not possible. References: Buys p.152) [1Z4]

There are also 5 "Indian Cemeteries:"

  1. Indian Cemetery [1Z5]
    Status: Long-lost
    Location: Horse Pound Road
    GPS not possible
    References: Fisher p.132

  2. Indian Cemetery [1Z6]
    Status: Long-lost
    Location: Indian Hill Road
    GPS not possible
    References: Fisher p.132

  3. Indian Cemetery [1Z7]
    Status: Legendary, unconfirmed
    Location: by Kirk Lake
    GPS not possible
    "Tradition says Chief Canopus lost his life in defending their tribal lands against the claims of the whites. His grave is located on the shores of Kirk Lake." - Eva DeWitt, in Hillery's history workshop booklets, 1955. Another version says Canopus is buried on an island in Lake Mahopac. A site of four grouped mounds near Kirk Lake, reported by an ex-resident from out of state, was visited Aug. 2010 by Committee members Allen Warnecke and Brian Vangor, tribal representative Gil Tarbox and archaeologist Eugene Boesch. The site was located, but deemed as far too wet to ever have been chosen for an Indian burial. Reference: Hillery.

  4. Indian Cemetery [1Z8]
    Status: Legendary, unconfirmed
    Location: by Lake Mahopac
    GPS not possible
    Chief Omoyao and Maya, according to their undocumented legend, were young Indian lovers who died in a leap from a rock above their council chamber alongside Lake Mahopac, escaping their pursuers in death. No mention is made as to whether their bodies were ever recovered; but then, that would be an unromantic detail. An Internet search will find tragic leaps by Indians everywhere, by the dozens, especially lovers; it's a lovely universal legend. This one is preserved in Rev. Warren's excellent book on Lake Mahopac.

  5. Indian Cemetery [1Z9]
    Status: Long-lost
    Location: Nichols Road
    GPS not possible
    References: Fisher p.132

There are 8 wandering stones or other miscellaneous discoveries, categorized [1Y_].

  1. Maria Ann Barrett [1Y1]
    b. 16 March 1856, infant of Moseman Barrett and Margaret M. Gay, d. 14 Sept 1856.
    Status: left with finder.
    Location: Lester Forest property, Route 6N.
    There is a marked grave for her at Red Mills, but since it was after 1850, it is not indexed by Buys. Brought to our attention in June 2010 during house survey; would need our cleaning.
    GPS pending.
  2. Nathan Crees [1Y2]
    Status: left with finder until 2010.
    b. c1769, infant of Richard Crees and Hepzibah --; d. 29 July 1770 aged 14 months.
    Location: Walnut Drive, Mahopac Falls.
    Portions of a stone for --han Crees were found 1 Dec 2004 by a Walnut Drive resident alongside his house. It was thought at the time that this stone was foreign to Carmel. In 2010, the stone's proper location was identified: Salem Street Burial Ground, Medford, MA. where the latest record says "Headstone missing." An attempt to recontact the property owner has been unsuccessful. - M.F. Troy.
    GPS pending
  3. Amos Everett [1Y3]
    Status: Broken stone on ground, face up.
    Location: Gilead Burying Ground, 27 Mechanic St., Carmel.
    East of the maple. Supposedly, the stone was discarded when Mr. Everett was reinterred at Raymond Hill Cemetery, Route 52, Carmel where the same name appears.
    GPS pending
  4. Mary Ganoung [1Y4]
    b. c Jan. 1786; d. 20 August 1786, aged 8 months.
    Status: stored for protection
    Location: M.F. Troy barn, 27 Mechanic Street, Carmel, adjacent to Gilead Burying Ground.
    The inscription is crude hand-cutting and hard to discern. A previous homeowner(s) had used it as a steppingstone in a garden inside the driveway turn; next owner Beverly Schappach/De Vingo half-buried it as edging in a foundation garden behind the house, knowing of the inscription. Current owner (on the cemetery committee) dug it up, reported it and moved it to the barn, where the fallen urn of the Garrison obelisk of Gilead is already stored.
    GPS pending
  5. Marandah J. Ganung [1Y5]
    footstone M.J.S.
    Status: to be reinstalled in Union Valley Cemetery.
    Location: Douglas Kim property, Union Valley Rd., Carmel.
    Found in 2009 on this property, the former home of stonecutter -- Ganung, by the Union Valley Cemetery.
    GPS pending
  6. Elizabeth Smalley [1Y6]
    Status: unknown.
    Location: unknown.
    Gravestone was briefly in Carmel. It was found in the 1980s at an unspecified location along Gipsy Trail Road, Kent during backhoe work for a foundation and brought to Smalley's Inn. It was on display, then stored under the basement stairs, until sold to a Manhattan lady (said to be a family member and writer) for $250.
    Reference: Dacquino, Hauntings p. 41-42.
  7. Susan Cronk [1Y7]
    b.22 July 1833, daughter of Abram Cronk and Billecha Wixson; d. 16 Feb. 1872
    Status: left wih finder.
    Location: Lillian Picciano property, 22 Concord Drive, Mahopac Falls.
    Gravestone was found in the 2000s by in a pile of stones along the west wall of her property. The current grave is in the Red Mills Baptist Cemetery, second row on the left of the old church site, and has a newer white bronze marker mounted on the original stone base to the left of the Cronk family monument. Thus the wandering gravestone was discarded a century ago.
    GPS pending
  8. Amelia C. Warren [1Y8]
    b. Feb 1852, daughter of Enos Warren and Eliza Sloat; d. 27 March 1853 aged 1y 1m
    Status: to be reinstalled in Union Valley Cemetery.
    Location: Gravestone was found in 2010 by Douglas Kim, also at the Ganung location.
    It had been discarded when the family installed a large marker with several names, and stonecutter Ganung had reused the blank below-ground portion at home for carving practice.
    GPS pending

There is one cemetery in Carmel which is not historic, and therefore not detailed on this website. Non-historic cemeteries are categorized [1NH_].

  1. Russian Orthodox Cemetery, Town of Carmel [1NH1]
    Status: Active. Maintained by The Hermitage of Our Lady of Kursk, Inc. 845-628-4975.
    Location and Access: 1066 Route 6. Park by the church buildings and continue downhill on the driveway.
    GPS at the street: H41° 23.752' W073° 45.153'. GPS in the cemetery pending.
    Tax map: 65.6-1-10; 6.59 acre parcel of church property. The full church property is 17 acres.
    The property was granted to the church by Prince Serge Beloselsky (d. 1978). Metropolitan Philaret (George Nicolaevich Voznesensky, b. 4 April 1903 Kursk, Russia; d. 21 Nov 1985), led the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA) from Mahopac and New York City. ROCA canonized him as Saint Philaret of New York for his teachings and miracles. He is not buried here, but in the church crypt at the Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY.)
    References: Fisher #181; Fisher #80

If you would like to make a donation or contribute to the conservation and preservation of a cemetery in Southeast, contact:

Mike Troy
27 Mechanic Street
Carmel, NY 10512

Allan J. Warnecke
16 Fairview Road
Mahopac, NY 10541

Brian Vangor, Carmel Town Historian
85 Cuddy Road
Mahopac, NY 10541

For more information about the Town of Carmel, visit the website: http://www.carmelny.org/