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Hill Cemetery
Carmel, NY


Hill, Abraham

Born: Jul 24, 1774  
Died: Mar 25, 1813  
Aged: 38 Years 8 Months 1 Day Location: 7

Abraham is the son of Capt. William Hill and the husband of Deborah, daughter of Israel Lounsbury. They were married January 18th, 1798. The children of this marriage were: Mary, born June 19th, 1799; Isaac; Addison, born May 27th,1803. died June 5th, 1863; Solomon; Tamar, born May 31st, 1807, married James W. Horton; Thomas, born June 10th, 1809, died April 19th, 1878; and Abraham, born May 5th, 1811.

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Hill, Abraham

Died: Mar 7, 1886  
Aged: 74 Years 10 Months 2 Days Location: 8

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Hill, Abraham

Born: Mar 27, 1803  
Died: Jun 5, 1863  
Aged: 60 Years 9 Days Location: 1

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Hill, Abraham L.

Died: Jun 27, 1840  
Aged: 1 Year 7 Months Location: 9

Abraham is the son of Mary (Gregory) and Isaac L. Hill

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Hill, Addison

Aged: Location: 10

Addison Hill, son of Deborah Lounsberry and family was Capt. William Hill, who came from England, and was one of the early settlers on the Roger Morris Lot in Philipse Patent.

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Hill, Allen B.

Born: Jun 4, 1835  
Died: Jan 19, 1894  
Aged: 58 Years 7 Months 15 Days Location: 11

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Hill, Bethiah (Smith)

Died: Aug 1798  
Aged: 60 Years Location: 12

Bethiah is the wife of Capt. William Hill and the mother of 11 children.

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Hill, Clorinda (Squires)

Born: May 11, 1840  
Died: Jan 5, 1884  
Aged: 43 Years 7 Months 25 Days Location: 13 - 35

Clorinda (Squires) is the daughter of Daniel Squires and the wife of Charles S. Hill

Inscription on stone reads:
She sleeps beneath her native earth
and near the spot that gave her birth,
her youithful feet trod flowers that bloom
in memory oer her early tomb.

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Hill, Cornelius

Born: Mar 3, 1765  
Died: Nov 12, 1815  
Aged: 51 Years Location: 14

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Hill, Deborah (Lounsberry)

Born: Apr 18, 1780  
Died: Sep 6, 1849  
Aged: 69 Years Location: 15

Deborah (Lounsberry) is the daughter of Israel Lounsberry, the wife of Abraham Hill, and the mother of Isaac L. Hill

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Hill, Elizabeth G.

Born: 1846  
Died: 1904  
Aged: 58 Years Location: 16

Elizabeth G. Hill, daughter of Mary (Gregory) and Isaac L. Hill, b. 1846, d. 1904.

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Hill, Isaac Lounsberry

Born: May 3, 1801  
Died: Feb 28, 1886  
Aged: 84 Years 9 Months 25 Days Location: 17

Isaac is the oldest son of Deborah (Lounsberry) and Abraham Hill, the husband of Mary (Gregory) Hill, the daughter of Horace Gregory. Their children are: Elizabeth G. Hill, Mary D., Sarah F., Inez C., and Thomas T.

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Hill, Mary (Gregory)

Born: 1823  
Died: 1907  
Aged: 84 Years Location: 18

Mary is wife of Isaac L. Hill, and the mother of Elizabeth G. Hill

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Hill, Nancy (Pinckney)

Died: Jun 12, 1831  
Aged: 65 Years Location: 19

Nancy is the daughter of Dorothy Rich and Israel Pinckney, the wife of William Hill, and the mother of William Hill, Jr. and Mary (Hill) Zeliph

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Hill, Noah

Born: Mar 27, 1754  
Died: Jan 3, 1830  
Aged: 75 Years 9 Months 6 Days Location: 20

Noah is the son of Capt. William Hill and Bethiah Hill. He served in the Revolutionary War under Colonel Henry Ludington, in the 7th Dutchess County Regiment of the New York Militia. For a list of other veterans, click here.

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Hill, Solomon

Born: Apr 9, 1805  
Died: Jun 8, 1887  
Aged: 82 Years 1 Month 29 Days Location: 21

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Hill, Tamar

Died: Nov 3, 1851  
Aged: 36 Years 3 Days Location: 22

Tamar is the wife of Abraham Hill

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Hill, Thomas

Born: Jun 16, 1809  
Died: Apr 19, 1878  
Aged: 68 Years 10 Months 3 Days Location: 23

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Hill, William

Born: 1726  
Died: Aug 1796  
Aged: 70 Years Location: 24

William is the husband of Bethiah (Smith) Hill. The children of this marriage were:

  1. Noah, who married Sarah, daughter of Israel Pinckney, and had four children: Uriah, Anthony, Chloe, wife of David Wright; Esther, wife of Seth Curtis, and after his death married Bently H. Wixsom. Noah Hill, the father of this family, died January 3d, 1830, aged ?5 years' b monthg 6 days.
  2. William, who married Nancy, daughter of Israel Pinckney, and their children were: Gilbert, Andrew, Avery. Jacob, Alza, William Jr., Sarah, wife of Stephen Pinckney, Mary, wife of Jabez Zeloph, Rachel, and Bethia, wife of Elijah Depew.
  3. Cornelius, born in 1764, died November 12th,1815. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Anderson and had children: Noah, James, Phebe, wife of John Smith, and Mary, wife of Arva H. Pielce.
  4. Solonron, who was a Baptist preacher, and went to Canada.
  5. Andrew, who wa.s cl.rorn'necl when young.
  6. Abraham, whose descendants are given below.
  7. Charity, wife of Jonathan Stokum.
  8. Chloe, wife of Joseph Crane.
  9. Esther, wife of Charles Heroy.
  10. Jane, wife of Thomas Lounsbury.
  11. Polly, wife of Isaac Rhodes.

A plaque was placed on the stone May 30, 1999, by Allan Warnecke, Carmel Town Historian:
"This is the gravesite of Captain William Hill who served in the local militia during the French and Indian War. Two of his sons, Noah and Stephen, served in the 7th Dutchess County Regiment of the New York Militia under Colonel Henry Ludington during the Revolutionary War. In 1763 Captain Hill made the first purchase of land, this farm, in what is now Putnam County. The sellers were Colonel Roger Morris and his wife Mary Philipse whose summer home at Red Mills was the Old Log Mansion one half mile to the south."

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Hill, William

Born: Dec 14, 1760  
Died: Nov 29, 1851  
Aged: 90 Years 11 Months 15 Days Location: 25

William Hill is the husband of Nancy (Pinckney) Hill and the father of William Hill, Jr. and Mary (Hill) Zeliph

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Hill, William Jr.

Died: Mar 30, 1842  
Aged: 48 Years 8 Months 3 Days Location: 26

William, Jr., is the son of Nancy (Pinckney) and William Hill

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The Hill Family History

Anthony Hill, of English descent, was born in Holland, and came from there to America about r72o. He settled in New York City, became a freeholder and removed to Fox Meadows, now a part of Scarsdale, Westchester County, N.Y. April 7, 1726, he,with others, conveyed to Thomas Thong a lot in the north ward of the City of New York. In the deed he is described as of Fox Meadows. As early as 1726 he became a freeholder at Fox Meadows. January 8, 1727, he purchased from Samuel Drake, of Fox Meadows, "a tract or parcel of land lying, being situate in ye County of Westchester near ye head of Hutchinson River, containing twenty-one acres, bounded as followeth, beginning on ye southwest corner of Samuel Drake's land, thence running northwesterly by ye land of Anthony Hills to Brunks River, thence along said river easterly twenty-one rods to a white oak stake with stones around it, thence running southeasterly a straight line through ye land of said Samuel Drake's until ye southeast corner bounds bears in a line twenty-one rods from ye first mentioned bounds, and from thence running westerly 216ft* ye White Plains road to ye first mentioned bounds twenty-one rods, and ye bounds on ye southeast corner is a small white oak saplin marked, and further ye first bounds herein mentioned is ye first bounds of ye land herein sold to Anthony Hill." (Liber F. 352 Westchester County Deeds, March 24, r73o.)

About 1744, while living at Fox Meadows, he purchased from the Indians some lands near what afterwards became known as Red Mills, Dutchess County, and now known as Mahopac Falls, in the town of Carmel, Putnam County, N.Y. In 1749 Anthony Hill bought and sold lands at Brown's Point, now a part of the town of Harrison, Westchester County, N.Y. Two of the sons of Anthony Hill, William and Uriah, removed to the lands purchased by their father of the Indians.

About 1726 Anthony married Nancy Ward. He died intestate, at Fox Meadows, in the winter of 1759-6o. February 12, 1760, letters of administration were issued by James De Lancey, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of New York, to Mary Hill, widow of Anthony Hill, farmer, late of the County of Westchester, deceased. After the death of her husband Mrs. Hill removed to Red Mills, where she made her home with her son William, dying at the age of 93 years.

Children of Anthony, and Mary (Ward) Hill, all born at Fox Meadows, N.Y.:

  1. William, born 1726; died at Red Mills, August, 1786.
  2. Uriah, died 1765, in Westchester County and probably at White Plains.
  3. Anthony, died 1766, at Cortlandt Manor, Westchester County, N.Y.
  4. Andrew, died at Shokan, Ulster County, N.Y., 1810.
  5. Cornelius
  6. Charity, married Isaac Rhoades, Sr., of Scarsdale, N. Y.
  7. Jane
  8. Mary
  9. Miriam, born May 27, 1786, died April 1, 1845; married Elisha Lamoreaux.

William Hill, son of Anthony and Mary (Ward) Hill, settled at Red Mills, on lands purchased by his father of the Indians. He brought with him from Fox Meadows a colt. One day it strayed away and while looking for it in the evening, he was attacked by a pack of wolves, and obliged to seek refuge in a tree, where he remained all night. Early the next morning, wwhile returning by circuitous route to his log cabin, he came to the log cabin of Ge'rge Hughson, the first white settler of that part of the country. The Hughson cabin was on the ridge north of Lake Mahopac.

Mr. Hill was a farmer and large land owner. September 25, 1763, he purchased farm No. 36, in Lot No. 5, containing 245 acres of Colonel Roger andMary (Philipse) Morris. This was the first tract of land sold in Putnam (then part of Dutchess) County by the Philipse family, the original patentees. This farm was subsequently divided by Mr. Hill among his four sons. The house in which he lived was torn down in 1843. It stood a little north of the Hill family burying ground.

In colonial days William Hill was a lieutenant in the local militia and afterwards a captain. He married Bethiah, daughter of Abraham Smith, of what is now known as Putnam Valley, Putnam County, N.Y. She was born in 1738, and died at Red Mills in August, 1798. Both are buried in the Hill family burying ground, at Red Mills, N.Y. The will of Mr. Hill, dated August 1, 1796, proved February 3, 1297, recorded in Dutchess County Surrogate's office in Liber B, of Wills., page 31, describes himself as "William Hill, Sr., of the town of Carmel, Dutchess County-, yeoman." By it he gave his wife sixty pounds, his negro man Mink and the use of one quarter of his homestead farm. He mentions in his will his sons Noah, William, Cornelius and Abraham, and his daughters Phebe Heroy, Mary Rhodes, Chloe Crane and Jane Lounsberry. The witnesses to will were Jonathan Stokum and Jonathan Whiting, both of whom were writers and lived near Red Mills. The latter died January 14, 1787.

Children of William and Bethiah (Smith) Hill, born at Red Mills:

  1. Phebe, married Charles Heroy.
  2. Noah; died at Red Mills, January 3, 183o.
  3. Solomon
  4. Andrew, drowned in Kirk Pond, Carmel, while young.
  5. Mary; married Isaac Rhodes, Jr.
  6. William
  7. Cornelius
  8. Chloe, born 1767; died near Lake Mahopac; married Joseph Crane.
  9. Jane, died in Steuben Co., N.Y.; married Thomas Lounsbury.
  10. Abraham, born July 24th, 1774, and died at Red Mills March 25th, 1813

Uriah Hill, son of Anthony and Mary (Ward) Hill, was a fur trader. In 1764 lived at White Plains, N. Y., where he was a freeholder. He also lived at one time in the southern part of Dutchess County. April 23, 1780, he purchased from Philip Earle forty-two acres of land near New Barbadoes (Hackensack), Bergen County, New Jersey; Liber C, 356, Bergen Co. Deeds. May 30, 1764, he executed a power of attorney to his brothers William and Andrew, authorizing them to sell his stock of furs, skins and feathers, in Albany County, valued at 6oo pounds, and his real estate in Bergen County, (Liber C, 358, Bergen Co. Deeds). Uriah having died about 1264, his son Anthony, June 1774, conveyed his interest in the real estate to Stephen Case, later of New Marlborough, N. Y. In 1784 Uriah was a constable in South Precinct, Dutchess Co., N.Y. May 4, 1765, letters of administration were issued to Andrew Hill, farmer of Westchester, upon estate of his brother Uriah, late of said county, deceased, (N. Y. Sur. office).

Children of Uriah Hill, according to family tradition:

  1. Anthony, born 1745.
  2. Jamess, removed to Orange Co., N.Y.
  3. Charity, married Thorne.

Anthony Hill, son of Anthony and Mary (Ward) Hill, removed from Fox Meadows to that part of Cortlandt's Manor now known as Yorktown, Westchester Co., N.Y. His will, dated May 26, 1766, proved August 25, 1266, gives personal estate to his wife Elizabeth and daughters Elizabeth and Mary and names his brother, Andrew Hill, executor. He probably had no other children.

Children of Anthony and Elizabeth Hill:

  1. Elizabeth
  2. Mary, married James Rhodes, son of Isaac Rhoades, Sr., of Dutchess County, N. Y.

Andrew Hill, son of Anthony and Mary (Ward) Hill, removed from Fox Meadows after 1765 to Dutchess County, N. Y., where he resided until 178o, when he removed to Marbletown, Ulster County, N.Y., and from there to Shokan, Ulster County, N.Y., where both he and his wife died and are buried in Reformed Dutch church yard. August 15, r775, he signed the Revolutionary Association pledge in Dutchess County. October 17, 1776, he was commissioned as captain in the Second Regiment, Dutchess County Militia, Rombout Precinct. In 1777 he was appointed as Major of the Levies, Dutchess County, N.Y. In 1778 he was commissioned as Major in the Dutchess County Militia, Second Regiment. In 1789 he was appointed as Major No., Dutchess County Militia. It appears in New York in Revolution, Supplement, that he furnished one or more soldiers at his own expense, for which honorable mention is given him. He was a freeholder in both Dutchess and Ulster Counties. May 8, 1786, he purchased of Daniel Graham, Commissioner of Forfeitures, 385 acres in Philipse Precinct, Lot 3, Philipse Patent, Dutchess County. September 2, 1788, describing himself as of Marbletown, Ulster County, he conveyed the 385 acres to his son Andrew Hill, Jr., of Marbletown. His name appears upon the list of members of the Reformed Dutch Church at Shokan. According to a tradition in the family, hiw wife was Catherine Horton, of Westchester County. After his appointment as Major, he was generally known as Major Hill.

Children of Andrew and Catherine (Horton) Hill:

  1. Billicha, born at Fox Meadows, died at West Shokan, N. Y., April, 1847; married James Schutt, of Fishkill, N. Y., ; removed about 1799 to West Shokan. Among their children were : Isaiah, born May 16, U8S; James, born December 22, 1788; Abraharn, born August 16,1790; (Uriah, James and Abraham were baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church at Fishkill, and from the church records the dates of birth were obtained) ; William, Andrew, Stephen, born September ro, 1796, and Catherine. The last four were born in Ulster County. James Schutt was a private in the Dutchess County Militia, Second Regiment, in War of Revolution; his wife was a member of the Reformed Dutch Church at Shokan.
  2. Uriah, born 1759, in Westchester County; died 1848, at Shokan, N. Y.
  3. Miriam born 1771; died November, 1888 ; married Uriah Avery; he died before his wif ; issue : Andrew, Isaac, Jacob, Uriah, Judah, Catherine, Sally and Mary
  4. William, removed to Marbletown, Ulster County, and from there to New Jersev.
  5. Sallie, died about1814-15 ; married Joshua Lane; during War of Revolution he was a private in Dutchess County Militia, Second Regiment: removed to Shokan, N. Y. ; issue: Andrew, Richard, Joshua, William, Abram, Betsey, Polly and Judah.
  6. Mary, married Abraham Beadle; he was a private in Colonel Drake's regiment in War of Revolution; removed to Shokan, N. Y., and from there to Middletown, Delaware County, N.Y., where both died : issue: John, Abraham, born September 27, ?, Andrew, born November 8, 1788; Judith, born April 8, 1790; Billicha, born March 4, 1810; Elizabeth, born November 4, ?.
  7. Judith, married Thomas Swartout, of Fishkill, Dutchess County, N.Y.; he was a private and corporal in Captain Schutt's company, Colonel Brinckerhoft's Dutchess CountyMilitia, in War of Revolution; removed to Shokan, N. Y.; she was a member of Shokan Reformed Dutch Church. Among their children were Thomas, Samuel, born December 1o, 1787; Andrew, born February 23, 1790: Cornelius, born October 27,1801, died at Shokan, N. Y., 1876; Polly, born December 20, ?; Sally, born July 15, ?.
  8. Anna, died 18o9; married Daniel Ladue of Fishkill, N. Y.; he was a private in Dutchess County Militia, Second Regiment, in War of Revolution ; removed to Shokan, N.Y. ; issue: Abraham D., Judith. Rebecca, Bilbeck, Hannah. Anne, born May 28, 18o9, married Matthew Cure, of Ulster Countv, N.Y.
  9. Andrew, born Septembet 17, 1774; baptized September 9, 17?? at Reformed Dutch Church, Fishkill; died November 1, 1842.

Miriam Hill, daughter of Anthony and Mary (Ward) Hill,married Elisha Lamoreaux, of Rensselaerville, Albany County, N. Y. Children of Elisha and Miriam (Hill) Lamoureux:

  1. Jesse, born April 12, 1774; died September 1o, 18o6; married Anna Barnum.
  2. Mary, born May 15, 1776; died April 8, 1853 ; married Edward Hopkins, of Rensselaerville, N.Y.
  3. Charity, born December 16, 1777; died March 7, r852; married John Pangburn
  4. Daniel, born March 5, 178o; died October 6, 1806; married Joanna Barnum.
  5. Joseph, born June 15, 1782; died July 25, 184o; married Thankful Raymond, widow of William George.
  6. Charlotte, born April 28, 1784; died unmarried April 16, 1871.
  7. James, born December 14, 1788; died December 1, 1863; married Mary Wendell.
  8. Anna, born October 27, 1787; died February 16, 1813; married Stephen Joice.
  9. Andrew, born November 16, 1789; died April 16, 1853; married Mary Bostwick.
  10. Miriam, born September 1, 1798; died October 3o, 1877; married John Stiles, MD.

Abraham Hill, son of Capt. William Hill, was born July 24th, 1774, and died March 25th, 1813. He married Deborah, daughter of Israel Lounsbury. She was born April 18th, 1780, and died September 6th, 1849; they were married January 18th, 1798. The children of this marriage were: Mary, born June 19th, 1799; Isaac; Addison, born May 27th,1803. died June 5th, 1863; Solomon; Tamar, born May 31st, 1807, married James W. Horton; Thomas, born June 10th, 1809, died April 19th, 1878; and Abraham, born May 5th, 1811.

Isaac Hill, the oldest son of Abraham Hill, was born May 3d, 1801, and married Mary, daughter of Horace Gregory. Their children are: Elizabeth G.Hill, Mary D., wife of Elias B. Glen, of Wayne county, N. Y.; Sarah F., wife of Irving Wright; Inez C., and Thomas T., who married, Ella F., daughter of Manning Menill, and. has two children, Frederick H. and. Alice G.

The residence of Mr. Isaac Hill is about a mile north of Red Mills on a farm that was purchased of William H. Johnston, March 8th, 1827, and which is bounded east by Kirk Lake. This farm, as well as that of Solomon Hill adljoining is on the east side of the road, running north from Red Mills and directly opposite the original "Hill Farm."

Solomon Hill, son of Abraham Hill, was born April 9th, 1805. He married Hannah, daughter of Michael Sloat, and his children are: Allen B., Tamar A. (wife of Leonard Curry of West Somers, who has two children, Charles H. and Jennie B.), andl Charles S., who married Clorinda, claughter of Daniel Squires, and has two children, Albert L. and Nellie F. Mr. Solomon Hill is now living at the advanced age of 80, on a farm about a mile and a half north of Red Mills, and to his retentive memory we are indebted for many facts relating to the early history of this vicinity.

James Hill, son of Cornelius, and grandson of Captain William Hill, married Sarah, daughter of Lewis Pinchney, and has children: Cornelius, Lewis, Mary, wife of Smith S. Austin; Charlotte A., wife of Robert D. Wixsom; Joseph (cleceasetl); Elizabeth, wife of Sturgis Buckley; Caroline, wife of Leon Hotchkiss; and William of New York City. Mr. James Hill is now living on a portion of the original "Hill Farm."

Abraham Hill, son of Abraham and grandson of Capt. William, married Tamar, daughter of Daniel Lounsbury. They had two children, Theodore and Hannah J., wife of Peter B. Curry, 2d, of Jefferson Valley.

The old homestead of the Hill family, which has ever borne the name of the "Hill Farm," has an especial interest from the fact that it was the first piece of land ever sold in Putnam County. In the deed of marriage settlement given by Mary Philipse and Roger Morris January 14th, 1758, the power was reserved to sell sufficient land to amount to the sum of $3,000. It was in accordance with this reservation that Roger Morris and his wife Mary sold to William Hill, September 25th, 1763, the farm which is thus described in the deed:

"All that certain farm: known as farm Number 36 of Lot No. 5 of the lands formerly granted by Patent to Adolph Philipse, Esq., which said farm begins at a hickory sapling, being the north corner to lots No. 35 and 43, and running south six degrees, 45 minutes east', 16 chains 37 links, thence south 9 degrees 29 chains, and 34 links to the cornerof lot 34, thence south 33 degrees, 30 minutes, west 16 chains 45 links, thence south 33 degrees, 30 minutes west, 11 chains 27 links to the corner of lot number 15, thence south 88 degrees west 33 chains to a beech tree, being the corner to lots 14, 15 and. 37, thence north 7 degrees 30 minutes east 16 chains 59 links to an ash tree, thence north 18 degrees east 9 chains to a maple tree, thence north 41 degrees 30 minutes east, 11 chains 2 links to a red oak tree, then north 23, east 32 chains, 8 links, [o tl red oak tree being the corner of lot No. 39, thence south 6Tdegrees, 15 minutes,
east 4 chains. 30 links. thence north 24 degrees, east 10 chains, 33 links, to a beech tree; bing the coner, Co lot number 40, thence by the same to the place,of beginning, containing 2a5 acres. The price paid for this tract was $760, (currrent money of the Province of New York." The mines atrct minerals on this farnm were excepted and reserved. In accordance with the usage in those days a lease of the premises " for one rvhole yeor " wits given to William Hill, ancl the d.eecl was executecl on the follow- ing clay. This was in accordance with the law " for transferring uses into possession," by which a person holding land by a lease for one year was deemed in actual possession. Capt. William Hill divided this farm among four of his sons; the south part, containing 98 acres, he gave to Abraham, whose heirs sold it to Thomas Hill. At the time when Anthony Hoguet and his associates were anxious to buy, Hoguet's Point in Lake Mahopac, of Abijah Smith, he refusef to sell] unless they would buy him this farm in its place. Accordingly, the arrange ment was made, and Thomas Hill sold it to Abijah Smith September 15th, 1.854, and he lived, on it till the time of his death, when it fell to his only child, Sarah, who married Peter B. Curry, 2d. Their only surviving child, Sarah A., married Kelsey Agor, and they are now the owners of this part,of the original "Hill Farm."

The part of the original farm next north of the above was given to Solomon Hill, who sold it to his brothers, Abraham anrl Cornelius, and it is now owned by Cornelius Hill, the grandson of the Cornelius above. This part was 20 acres, and next north was 42 acres, which was given to Noah Hill, who sold it to Thomas Lounsbury. He conveyed it to James Hill, son of Cornelius, and it was sold by his assignees to Cornelius, son of James Hill, who now owns it. To the north of this \4'as A tract of 27 acres given to William Hill. He sold it to Abraham, his brother, who left it to his children. It was purchased by Solomon alrd. Isaac Hill from the other heirs, and they sold to their brother, Thomas, who re-sold it to Solomon, and it was sold by him to Asahel H. Humphreys, December 24bh, 1879, and it now belongs to the Mahopac Iron Company, and the "Hill Mine" is located on it.

At the north end of the original farm was a piece of 10 acres given to Noah Hill to make his part as good as the rest. He conveyed it to his brother, Abraham, who left it to his children, and it was bought by Solomon from the rest of the heirs ancl sold by him to Anthony Stokunr, and it was sold by his a ministrators to William Agor, its present owner. The old house in which Capt. William Hill resided; stood just north off the family burying ground, about 1843, it was torn down. In the family burying ground on this farm are the graves of several generations. Capt. William Hill, the ancestor of the family, died. in August, 1796, aged. 70. His wife, Bethia, died in August, 1798, at, the age of 60. The dates of the deaths of the other members of the family are given above. An elegant monument marks the resting place of the wife Charles S. Hill, Gloriana, who died January 5th, 1884, at the age of forty-four.