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Patterson Baptist Cemetery (a.k.a. Towner's Four Corners Cemetery, Meetinghouse)
Patterson, NY

Current Status: Active & Historical
Description: The initial land for this cemetery was given to the church by Samuel Towner in 1828. Though this cemetery has the oldest marked stone in the Town of Patterson (1782), it is really only the second oldest cemetery in the town. The Old Baptist Cemetery was in use prior to this cemetery. The oldest section of this cemetery originally belonged to the Towner’s Family. In 1828, Sen. John Towner, who was later buried in the cemetery, deeded the cemetery to the Baptist Church. In 1857, Towner deeded an additional ½ acre to increase the size of the cemetery. The church added additional land to the cemetery in 1892. The stone wall in front of the Cemetery is reported to have been erected prior to the Revolutionary War. A number of veterans from the Revolutionary War, to the present, are buried in this cemetery. The cemetery contains a number of interesting monuments designed by some renowned monument craftsmen. The large Robinson obelisk is one of the most prominent.
Location: Located on the western side of Route 311, across from the Patterson Baptist Church.
How To Access: Park in the Baptist Church Parking lot on Route 311 and walk across the street.
Tax Map No.: Patterson 13.2.1 & 13.3.55
Owner of Record: Patterson Baptist Church
Size & Use: About 3 acres. Still in operation. A total of more than 1,000 graves
Earliest Gravestone: 1782 – Daniel & Margaret Kent
Most Prominent:  
Current Condition: Well-maintained.
Maintained By: Patterson Baptist Church
Repairs Needed:  
Troy #: 3F

Click on a name below for photo of headstone and location in cemetary.

Akin, Millison,w.Daniel, Esq. , d. Aug.12, 1839, 72y., 5m.
Aldrich, Henry B.,d. Jan.15, 1872, 26-10-4.
Bailey, Charlotte Crane,w. Eli, b. Oct.22, 1823, d. July 23, 1916.
Bailey, Eli, b. June 5, 1826, d. Feb.10, 1905.
Baker, Anna, w. Levi, d. Dec.20, 1861, 84-5-17
Baker, Charles W., d. Mar.29, 1898, 78y.
Baker, Hannah Jane, w. Charles W., n. dts.g.
Baker, Hannah M., w. Charles W.,d. Dec.15, 1860, 34-11-9.
Baker, James F., d. Nov.22, 1861, 39-1-9
Baker, Joanna, w. Phineas, d. Nov.14, 1826, 69y.
Baker, Laura A., d. James F. and Emma M., d. Mar.27, 1855, 11-9-23
Baker, Levi, d. Sept.26, 1854, 81-7-15
Baker, Phineas, d. Jan.9, 1829, 89y., 24d.
Baker, Polly, “Mother”, d. Jan.1, 1894, 85-8-4.
Baker, Rebecca Lee, w. William H., “Mother”, b. 1844, d. 1935.
Baker, Sarah C., d. Charles and Hannah, d. Feb. 22, 1841, 18d.
Baker, William H., “Father”., b. 1846, d. 1926
Baldwin, Aaron, s. James and Cornelia, d. May 24, 1833, 1y., 3m.
Baldwin, Betsey, w. Daniel, d. Feb.19, 1861, 76y.
Baldwin, Cornelia, w. James, d. Oct.30, 1854, 53y., 1d.
Baldwin, Daniel, d. Jan.25, 1874, 90-11-19.
Baldwin, Dorcas Olevia, d. Nathan C. and Eliza, d. Apr.3, 1849, 6-1-1
Baldwin, Eliza A., w. I.P., d. Apr.12, 1892, 74y.
Baldwin, Elnathan, s. Nathan C. and Eliza, d. July 21, 1842, 4y., 6m.
Baldwin, E.S., w. N.C., “Mother”., b.1803, d. 1885.
Baldwin, Henry, d. Sept.2, 1863, 75-11-12.
Baldwin, Henry C., d. Apr.3, 1872, 36-3-12.
Baldwin, Henry F., d. Nov.5, 1889, 78y.
Baldwin, I.P., n..dts.g.
Baldwin, James, d. Sept.5, 1827, 67y.
Baldwin, James, d. Apr.13, 1865, 71y.
Baldwin, James E., d. Nov.8, 1910, 80-3-21.
Baldwin, Jane E., w. Henry F., d. Mar.20, 1885, 75yr.
Baldwin, Mary, w. Henry, d. Dec.21, 1868 in 67th yr.
Baldwin, Nancy Wood, w. Daniel, b. Sept.24, 1809, d. May 8, 1897.
Baldwin, N.C., “Father”, b.1800, d. 1884.
Baldwin, Phebe Jane Homan, w. Henry C., d. Aug.17, 1892, 57-8-28.
Baldwin, Sarah Ann, d. Nathan C. and Eliza, d. Apr.21, 1838, 12-2-27.
Baldwin, Susan, w. James, d. Jan.24, 1832, 67y.
Baldwin, Susan, d. James and Susan, d. June 24, 1858, 53-6-1.
Ballard, Abel E., b. Dec.29, 1849, d. Oct.26, 1915.
Ballard, Amanda, b. Apr.4, 1841, d. May 14, 1902.
Ballard, Betsey, w. William, b. 1819, d. 1898.
Ballard, Coleman C., b. Jan.17, 1836, d. June 25, 1922.
Ballard, James E., n.dts.g. (see Mary L.).
Ballard, Lavina J. Cole, w. Abel E., b. Apr.16, 1853, d. July 30, 1944.
Ballard, Mary J., w. Coleman C., b. Nov.23, 1835, d. Sept.24, 1921.
Ballard, Mary L., w. James E., b. Nov.16, 1852, d. Jan.22, 1914.
Ballard, Ruhamah, w. Sylvanus, b. May 16, 1791, d. Mar.8, 1873.
Ballard, Warren, b. 1846, d. 1930..
Ballard, William, b. 1826, d. 1908.
Barrett, John, d. Mar.16, 1820, 35y.
Barrett, Naoma, w. John, d. Aug.27, 1819, 30y.
Barrett, Norman, s. Stevens R. and Emily, d. June 10, 1837, 9m., 2d.
Barrett, Sarah Maria, d. Stevens R. and Emily, d. June 19, 1840, 1-9-5.
Bennett, Elizabeth, w. Zebedee, d. Dec.22, 1858, 76y.
Bennett, Phebe, w. Alonzo, d. Feb.14, 1867, 23y.
Bennett, Zebedee, “Dear Father”, d. June 5, 1844, 72y.
Betts, Charlotte R. Barnum, w. Edwin G., b. 1849, d. 1926.
Betts, Edwin G., b. 1852, d. 1895.
Birch, Samuel R., d. Mar.28, 1903, 74y., 10m., Co.I., 88th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Birch, Sarah M. Mabie, w. Samuel R., d. Apr.7, 1896, 77y.
Booth, Anna Elizabeth, d. James and Hannah, d. Jan.13, 1841, 1-3-21.
Booth, Elijah, d. Apr.9, 1864, 72y.
Booth, Elizabeth, w. Elijah, d. Feb. 18, 1964, 82y.
Brewer, James, b. June 16, 1833, d. Nov.25, 1878.
Brewer, Laura, w. James, b. Mar.27, 1833, d. Dec.7, 1903.
Brower, Sarah Augusta, w. Edwin L. and only d. John K. and Julia A, Wyatt, d. July 21, 1867, 36-2-28.
Brown, Elisha, “Our Father”, d. July 14, 1854, 91-1-18.
Brown, Polly C., d. Elisha and Chloe, d. Sept.2, 1834, 21y., 25d.
Brown, Samuel S., s. Samuel T. and Maria P., d. Jan.2,1848, 3-11-8.
Brown, Samuel T., d. June 27, 1873, 76-8-17.
Brown, William Y., s. Samuel T. and Maria P., d. Feb.23, 1830, 4-11-9.
Cary, Almira, w. George W., d. Jan.21, 1896, 60y.
Chase, Alvin, d. Feb.25, 1853, 74-5-21.
Chase, Alvin, b. 1833, d. 1891.
Chase, Esther Wood, w. Alvin, b. 1834, d. 1891.
Chase, Martha E., w. Alvin, d. Oct.23, 1857, 57-2-17.
Church, John F., s. Robert and Phebe, d. Aug.27, 1848, 2-5-2.
Covel, Rose, wid. Caesar, d. Mar.27, 1837, 97y.
Cowl, Eliza G. Merritt, w. George W., d. Feb.12, 1918, 80-8-23.
Cozzino, Frances E. Turner, w. George W., d. Mar.25, 1911, 62-5-17.
Cozzino, George W., d. Dec.30, 1985, 50y., 7m.
Crosby, Abner L., Co.D., 6th N.Y.H.A., b. 1848, d.1903.
Crosby, Annie E., w. Herman B., b.1845, d.1920.
Crosby, Herman B., 6th N.Y.H.A. (no co.g.), b.1844, d.1909.
Crosby, Maria Palmer, w. Abner L., b.1859, d.1914.
Disbrow, Anon, b.June 8, 1804, d. Feb.28, 1865.
Disbrow, Deborah Robinson, w. Anon, b. June 9, 1804, d. Nov.6, 1835.
Disbrow, George R., s. Anon and Deborah, b. Dec.1, 1834, n.d.d.g.
Dyckman, Benjamin, d. Apr.8, 1845, 84y., 26d.
Dyckman, Huldah, w. “Benjamin Dykman”, d. Jan.2, 1837 in 72 yr.
Dykeman, Betsey, w. Elisha, b. July 6, 1799, d. May 20, 1881.
Dykeman, Elisha, d. Aug.4, 1871, 75-8-4.
Dykeman, Eliza, w. Ezra, d. Mar.28, 1836, 31-5-21.
Dykeman, Elizabeth, w. Joseph, d. Nov.4, 1831, 87y.
Dykeman, Emma C., d. May 27, 1880, 60y.
Dykeman, Eunice, d. Oct.8, 1857, 79y., 6m.
Dykeman, Eunice, A., d. Isaac and Polly, d. Aug.25, 1851 in 38th yr.
Dykeman, Fanny, w. Peter, d. Jan.8, 1856 in 71st yr.
Dykeman, Frances Jane, d. John and Sarah, d. July 5, 1841, 2-10-7.
Dykeman, John, d. Apr.8, 1894, 78y.
Dykeman, Laura, d. Aug.2, 1922, 80y.
Dykeman, Peter, d. May 11, 1840 in 71st yr.
Dykeman, Ruth Ann, d. Peter and Fanny, d. June 3, 1848, 22-9-22.
Dykeman, Sarah Travis, d. Sept.4, 1904, 88y.
Dykman, Isaac, d. Jan.16, 1872, 83y.
Dykman, Polly, w. Isaac, d. Sept.14, 1867, 88-9-27.
Esmond, Hezekiah R., d. Oct.5, 1848, 40y.
Evans, Abel, d. Apr.20, 1854 in 80th yr.
Evans, Phebe, w. Abel, d. Sept.20, 1854 in 86th yr.
Everet, John T., s. Amos and Hannah O., d. Dec.11, 1847, 4-9-7.
Everett, Hannah Olevia, w. Amos and d. John and Jane Towner, d. May 4, 1844, 33-9-3.
Ferguson, Katharine Burke, w. Thomas W., b. May 5, 1853, d. Nov.15, 1908.
Ferguson, Thomas W., n.dts.g.
Ferris, Jennie Field-stone bench memorial dated only 1928.
Field, Isaac, b. May 6, 1825, d. June 29, 1912.
Field, Martha W. Knapp, w. Isaac, b. Aug.24, 1840, d.Sept.24, 1927.
Fisher, Charlotte A., b. Jan.31, 1838, d. Dec.27, 1911.
Fisher, Harry, b. Aug.25, 1826, d. Apr.21, 1893.
Fisher, Mary J., w. Harry, d. Aug.6, 1879, 49y.
Fowler, Corrina C. French, w. Hezekiah W., b. Nov.18, 1848, d. Sept.16. 1892.
Fowler, Hezekiah W., b. Nov.7, 1848, d. Dec.25, 1905.
Fowler, John T., d. Oct.11, 1854, 49-1-25.
Fowler, Mary E., w. John T., d. June 3, 1878, 74y., 7d.
Fowler, Mary E., d. John T. and Mary E., d. Oct.23, 1864, 25y., 28d.
Fowler, Mary Jane, d. John and Mary, d. Oct.11, 1836, 2y., 6m..
Frost, Alva H., s. Samuel and Mary Birdsall, d. Dec.27, 1902, 77y.
Frost, Charles, d. May 16. 1937, 79y.
Frost, Laura J. Knapp, w. Alva, d.Aug.24, 1900, 65y.
Frost, Mary, w. Samuel and d. David and Mary Birdsall, d. Sept.16, 1859, 57-9-9.
Gay, Amy H., w. Lewis W., b. Jan.7, 1844, d. Aug.27, 1934.
Gay, Derighter, d. Aug.5, 1880, 62y.
Gay, John T., s. Ebenezer and Klara, d. Mar.3, 1832, 1y., 6m.
Gay, Lewis W., b. June 14, 1842, d. July 25, 1905.
Gay, Louisa J., d. Derighter and Mary, d. Sept.13, 1868, 23-8-20.
Gay, Mary, w. Derighter, d. June 27, 1893, 76y.
Gifford, Nancy, w. Elisha, d. Dec.3, 1829, 72y.
Granger, Francis, d. Apr.9, 1876 “aged about 65y.”
Griffeth, Ellen Dingee, w. Joshua, b. June 15, 1839, d. Apr.13, 1917.
Griffeth, Joshua, b. May 16, 1836, d. Sept.6, 1925.
Haines, Achsah, w. John, d. Mar.3, 1887, 73-2-13.
Haines, Betsey, w. David C., d. Sept.29, 1902, 85y.
Haines, Caroline P., w. David K., b.1840, d. 1931.
Haines, David C., d. October 31, 1879, 70y.
Haines, David K., b. 1840, d. 1904.
Haines, Edmund, d. June 28, 1872, 87-2-25.
Haines, John, d. Aug.2, 1895, 80y.
Haines, Sarah Kent, w. Edmund, d. Feb.9, 1871, 84-4-18.
Hammer, Jane Jose, d. Aug.14, 1891, 53y.
Haviland, Benjamin V., b. Mar.16, 1805, d. May 20, 1882.
Haviland, Betsey Ann, d. Isaac and Laura, d. Nov.19, 1837, 4m., 12d.
Haviland, Caroline M., w. Elisha B., d. Oct.25, 1837, 25-7-14.
Haviland, Daniel B., s. Isaac and Laura, d. Oct. 8, 1852 in 22nd year.
Haviland, Emma C. Towner, w. Benjamin V., b. Oct.29, 1804, d. Sept.1, 1876.
Haviland, (?) “Our little Freddie”, near Emma C. Towner Haviland, n.dts.g.
Haviland, Isaac, d. Nov.8, 1883, 77y., 8m.
Haviland, Isaac E., s. Isaac and Laura, d. Jan.26, 1848, 2-7-1.
Haviland, Jane E., w. Isaac, d. Mar.30, 1869, 46y.
Haviland, Laura, w. Isaac and d. Daniel and Betsey Baldwin, d. Nov.15, 1852, 47y.
Haviland, Mary Adeline, d. John W. and Ann, d. Oct.4, 1829, 2y., 11d.
Haviland, Mary Sears, w. Richard Towner, b. May 30, 1830, d. Feb.3, 1916.
Haviland, Milly C., d. Elisha B. and Caroline M. Dakin, d. Feb.13, 1838, 4m., 21d.
Haviland, Richard Towner, b. Feb.23, 1829,d. Oct.9, 1908.
Hazen, Antha J. Nichols, w. George E., b. 1833, d. 1909.
Hendrickson, (The Rev.), G.F., b. 1817, d. 1894.
Hendrickson, George E., s. G.F. and Rachel, b. 1851, d. 1879.
Hendrickson, George W., s. G.F. and Rachel, b. 1845, d. 1845.
Hendrickson, James, s. G.F. and Rachel, b. 1846, d.1858.
Hendrickson Rachel Rothery, w. G.F., b.1822, d.1871.
Henion, Chloe, w. John, b. June 20, 1813, d. May 26, 1902.
Henion, David, b. Aug. 10, 1833, d. Aug.3, 1903.
Henion, John, b. June 2, 1811, d. July 15, 1878.
Henion, Maria A. Robinson, w. David, b. Feb.14, 1848, d. Sept.28, 1900.
(An early list has the four Henion stones above and says that they are in a small graveyard near the Kent-Fishkill Baptist Church.)
Higgins, Mary Burk, w. Mortimer, b. Nov.18, 1847, n.d.d.g.
Higgins, Mortimer, b. Mar.14, 1835, d. Jan.18, 1896.
Hill, Amanda, d. Enos and Ruth, d. Sept.19, 1817, 2y.
Hobby, Adel, w. Theodore, d. Sept. 14, 1902, 61y.
Hobby, Caroline, d. Thomas and Mary, d. May 20, 1863, 19-8-4. (See Knapp, Caroline Hobby).
Hobby, Cyrus, d. June 19, 1924. 85y.
Hobby, Dorothy Bowen, w. Cyrus, d. Mar.6, 1889, 54y.
Hobby, Theodore, Pvt., Co.L. and A., 6th Regt., N.Y.H.A., d. Nov.21, 1903, 64y.
Hobby, Thomas, d. “in April 1848”, 40y.
Holmes, Elisha, d. Nov.3, 1835, 54-2-29.
Holmes, Elisha, b. June 25, 1834, d. Aug.23, 1900.
Holmes, Henry, “Our Father”, d. June 29, 1856, 46-1-10.
Holmes, Martha E. Ganun, w. Elisha, b. Feb.12, 1838, d. Jan.4, 1911.
Holmes, Polly M. Dykeman, w. Henry, “Our Mother”, b. Apr.12, 1813, d. Oct.31, 1888.
Howland, Margaret, w. Nathaniel, d. 9th No., 24th D., 1830 70y., 5m.
Howland, Nathaniel, d. 1st No., 2nd D., 1840 (1846?), 82y., 3m.
Johnson, Louise, b. Mar.4, 1837, d. May 26, 1907.
Keeler, Sarah D., d. Mar.5, 1931, 83y.
Kelley, Erastus, s. Nathan and Sarah, d. May 11, 1836, 29-11-25.
Kenner, (Mrs.) Meribah A., n.dts.g.
Kent, Abigail, w. Elihu, d. May 21, 1831 in 82nd year.
Kent, Daniel, b. Oct.18, 1782, d. June 1, 1860, 77-7-13.
Kent, David, d. Apr.9, 1870, 77-7-6.
Kent, Elihu, d. Sept.17, 1807 in 58th yr.
Kent, Emeline, d. Peter S. and Experience, d. Sept.22, 1833, 17-3-18.
Kent, Emeline Baldwin, w. David, d. Dec.27, 1888, 63y., 9m.
Kent, Experience, w. Peter S., d. July 17, 1856, 67-6-29.
Kent, James, s. Peter S. and Experience, d. Oct.17, 1842, 31-8-29.
Kent, James Elihu, b. 1850, d. 1920.
Kent, Keeler Townsend, d. Nov.11, 1861, 56-4-9.
Kent, Laura Kent, w. Keeler Townsend, d. Mar. 19, 1871, 63y.
Kent, Margaret, w. Daniel, b. Oct.18, 1782, d. June 4, 1860, 77-7-16.
Kent, Mary Alice Towner, w. James E., b. 1857, d. 1934.
Kent, Mary Ann, w. George, d. Sept.18, 1849, 39-9-11.
Kent, P.E., d. June 5, 1873, 46-4-23.
Kent, Peter S., d. May 24, 1857, 81-2-6.
Kent, Samuel, b. July 6, 1811, d. Oct.9, 1875.
Kent, Sarah, w. Peter S., d. Feb,29, 1799, 19-7-14.
Kent, Susan E. Robinson, w. Samuel, b. Mar,5, 1841, d. Feb.2, 1901.
Kent, Susie, w. P.E., d. Aug.22, 1867, 32-9-23.
Kent, Wellington, d. Apr.9, 1900, 45-7-27.
Knapp, Angeline, w. Harry, d. Nov.18, 1879, 77-2-17.
Knapp, (?), Caroline Hobby (Mrs. J.C, Frost’s 1909 list says local people told her Caroline Hobby was the wife of Harry N. Knapp. Stone doesn’t contain this information. See Hobby, Caroline, d. Thomas and Mary).
Knapp, Hannah, w. John, d. June 16, 1896, 82y.
Knapp, Harry, d. May 15, 1874, 65y., 5d.
Knapp, Harry N., d. Oct.3, 1873, 35-1-24.
Knapp, Hattie, w. Peter K., d. July 24, 1872, 32y., 1m.
Knapp, Hiram, Jr., d. May 7, 1861, 17y., 5d.
Knapp, John, d. Nov.11, 1892, 81y.
Knapp, Peter K., d. Nov.26, (yr. and age broken off stone).
Knapp, Sarah, w. Wright, d. Nov.28, 1863, 82y.
Knapp, Sarah Kent, w. Hiram, d. Mar.10, 1879, 74-7-22.
Knapp, Susan J., d. Wright and Sarah, b. Mar.14, 1814, d. Dec.12, 1888.
Knapp, Walter, s. Harry and Angeline, d. Jan.21, 1862, 25-2-14.
Knapp, Wright, s. Joseph and Hannah Wright, d. Jan.10, 1859, 76y.
Knapp, (See also Stowe, Phebe A.).
Lee, Chapman, d. in Washington D.C., 9th mo., 22nd d., 1876, 78-11-11.
Lee, Laura E. Howland. w. Chapman, d. in Washington D.C., 7th mo., 18th d., 1869,
(Additional information is on the stones as follows: Chapman was b. Ridgefield, Conn., 10th mo., 11th d., 1788 and Laura, his w., was born on Quaker Hill, Dutchess County, 7th mo., 25th d., 1800. They were married on 1st mo., 1st d., 1818).
Lewis, Julia A., w. Warren, b. Mar.17, 1835, d.Oct.14, 1898.
Lewis, Warren, b. Feb.10, 1830, d. Sept.9, 1899.
Mabie, Charles, s. Samuel and Ruth, d. July 16, 1818, 1-4-8.
Mabie, Charlotte A. Hetherington, w. Sylvester, b. Oct.4, 1809, d. Mar.29, 1892.
Mabie, Christina, d. Sylvester and Caroline, d. Mar.2, 1855, 6y., 23d.
Mabie, Dr. Elisha, s. Joshua, and Elizabeth, d. Apr.19, 1836, 28-2-5.
Mabie, Elizabeth, w. Joshua, d. May 7, 1836, 60-9-25.
Mabie, Harrison, s. Samuel and Ruth, d. Aug.18, 1859, 30y., 24d.
Mabie, Henry, b. Nov.28, 1841, d. Dec.10, 1913.
Mabie, Jane, d. Sylvester and Caroline, d. July 11, 1839, 6-1-5.
Mabie, Jeremiah H., b. Patterson, N.Y., July 12, 1812, d. Delevan, Wis., Aug.31, 1867.
Mabie, John, s. Sylvester and Caroline, d. Jan.23, 1844, 3y., 11m.
Mabie, Joshua, d. May 30, 1854, 84-11-12.
Mabie, (?) “Little Jottie F.”. n.dts.g. (Stone near Jeremiah H.)
Mabie, Maria Adrianna Ives, w. Henry, b. Aug.10, 1847, d. Nov.13, 1915.
Mabie, Marlin, b. Patterson, N.Y., July 17, 1817, d. Buena Vista Liona, near Matanzas, Isle of Cuba, Feb. 27, 1847.
Mabie, Polly, w. Samuel (d. 1851), d. Oct.21, 1870, 82y., 6m.
Mabie, Ruth Bolt, w. Samuel (d. 1856), d. Nov.3, 1868, 84-1-19.
Mabie, Samuel, d. Dec.13, 1851, 53y., 17d.
Mabie, Samuel, d. Oct.14, 1856, 84-2-3.
Mabie, Sarah Jane, d. Samuel and Polly, d. July 6, 1844, 20-5-2.
Mabie, Sylvester, b. Mar.29, 1806, d. Jan.1, 1886.
Mallory, Daniel, b. Jan.2, 1848, d. May, 11, 1917.
Mallory, Margaret Davis, w. Daniel, b. June 17, 1857, d. Apr.26, 1915.
Mardin, David, d. May 26, 1856 in 51st yr.
Merrick, Clara A. Knapp, w. Richard B., b. June 18, 1838, d. Jan.26, 1915.
Merrick, Richard B., b. Oct.12, 1829, d. July 26, 1908.
Merrick, Samuel, d. Oct.3, 1827, 10y., 7m.
Merritt, Addie H. Knapp, w. William J., b. Oct.15, 1830, d. Mar. 15, 1882.
Merritt, Daniel G., s. William and Esther J., d. Dec.4, 1869, 27-11-6.
Merritt, D.K., d. Aug.20, 1889, 59y., 2m.
Merritt, Eliza, w. D.K., d. Jan.12, 1879, 51y., 11m..
Merritt, Esther J., w. William, “Our Mother”, d. Apr.17, 1886, 71-1-11.
Merritt, Henry, d. July 26, 1872, 72y., 6m.
Merritt, Henry Clay, b. Jan.15, 1847, d. Jan.8, 1935.
Merritt, Henrietta Wollenbar, w. Henry C., b. Aug.9, 1855, d. Mar.26, 1922.
Merritt, Huldah, w. Henry, d. Aug.17, 1846, 51y., 9m.
Merritt, Mary, d. Gilbert and Elizabeth, d. Mar. 9, 1869, 80y.
Merritt, Olivia I., w. Sanford, b. 1850, d. 1926.
Merritt, Ruth Ann, d. William and Esther Jane, d. Feb.26, 1852, 7-6-9.
Merritt, Samuel, d. Oct.3, 1827, 10y.
Merritt, Samuel M., s. William and Esther J., d. Sept.10, 1854, n.a.g.
Merritt, Sanford, b. 1850, d. 1924.
Merritt, Theodore A., b. 1839, d. 1911.
Merritt, William, d. Nov.30, 1871, 57-7-8.
Merritt, William J., b. Oct.29, 1819, d. Apr.17, 1887.
Mills, Ephraim, s. James and Lavina, d. Sept.21, 1826, 1-9-21.
Mills, James, d. Nov.28, 1874, 76y.
Mills, Lavina, w. James, d. Apr.11, 1870, 67y.
Mills, Susan, w. James, d. Apr.22, 1922, 78y.
Morry, Margaret, d. Isaac and Hester, d. Dec.29, 1858, 14-11-2.
Nichols, Annie J. Akin, w. David C., b. Nov.19, 1855, d. June 12, 1930.
Nichols, David C., b. Aug.1, 1848, d. Apr.5, 1930.
Nichols, Henry B., b. July 30, 1807. d. Jan.19, 1884.
Nichols, Julia A. Haines, w. Henry B., b. Aug.25, 1811, d. Apr.19, 1871.
Nickerson, Abby, w. Amos, d. Mar.14, 1861, 67-6-16.
Nickerson, Amos, d. Feb.22, 1877, 84y., 10m.
Nickerson, Amos C., b. 1824, d. 1893.
Nickerson, Demmon, d. Jan.25, 1889 in 73rd yr.
Nickerson, Elizir, s. Amos and Abbey, d. Apr.22, 1818, 3m.
Nickerson, Emily A., d. Demmon C. and Mary, d. Sept.27, 1886 in 44th yr.
Nickerson, Hiram, s. Amos and Abbey, d. Sept.27. 1817, 2y., 9m.
Nickerson, James A., s. Demmon C. and Mary, and grands, Amos and Abbey (dates below soil level).
Nickerson, Mary, w. Demmon C., d. Mar.13, 1897, 79-8-15.
Nickerson, Naomi S., w. Amos C., b. 1827, d.1897.
Nickerson, Orren E., s. Amos and Abby, d. Feb.24, 1846, 26-2-1.
Nickerson, Orrine Estelle, d. Orren E. and Emma C., d. Nov.27, 1847, 1-7-21.
Palmer, Alonzo, b. 1829, d. 1903.
Palmer, Emily Jane, d. Wright and Sarah, d. Oct.31, 1848, 30y., 10m.
Palmer, Jemima, b. 1838, d. 1903.
Palmer, Mary L., b. 1821, d. 1919.
Palmer, Nias, d. Aug.12, 1849, 38-7-3.
Palmer, Sally, w. Wright, d. Nov.12, 1850, 61-10-21.
Palmer, Wright, d. Dec.9, 1847, 71y., 3m.
Parker, Amy Russell, w. Jehial, b. Sept.11, 1839, d. Mar.24, 1917.
Parker, Huldah Patrick, w. Nathaniel, b. Sept.13, 1819, d. Apr.24, 1904.
Parker, Jehial, b. July 3, 1839, d. Mar.30, 1904.
Parker, Mary, d. Platt R. and Sarah A., b. Jan.19, 1848, d. Dec.19, 1852.
Parker, Nathaniel, b. Apr.18, 1818, d. Dec.13, 1907.
Parker, Platt R., b. Aug.4, 1828, d. Mar.27, 1903.
Parker, Sarah A. Hagar, w. Platt R., b. Jan.16, 1827, d. Apr.27, 1921.
Peck, Abigail White, w. William H., b. Mar.24, 1843, d. June 8, 1910.
Peck, Charles B., b. Sept.20, 1847, d. Nov.9, 1924.
Peck, Emily B., b. Dec.27, 1847, d. Apr.3, 1929.
Peck, Hannah N.K. Chase, w. Moses, b. June 2, 1835, d. Apr.6, 1907.
Peck, Moses, b. Oct.27, 1826, d. Nov.13, 1908.
Peck, William H., b. Jan.31, 1840, d. July 17, 1911.
Penny, Cornelia E., w. James K., d. July 8, 1883, 50y.
Penny, James K., d. Feb.19, 1861, 37-8-2.
Penny, Mary J. Towner, w. Philip D., b. 1829, d.1896.
Penny, Philip D., b.1831, d.1899.
Penny, Oliver H., b.1826, d. 1906.
Penny, Sarah E. Towner, w. Oliver H., b. 1835, d. 1925.
Reynolds, Mary, b. May 8, 1814, d. Mar.19, 1858.
Robbins, George T., d. Aug.26, 1890, 40y.
Robinson, Abigail, d. Feb.11, 1841 in 80th yr.
Robinson, Anna, d. Sept.8, 1851 in 44th yr.
Robinson, Benjamin, b. Sept.12, 1803, d. Sept.12, 1871.
Robinson, Daniel W., b. Feb.22, 1830, d. May 27, 1897.
Robinson, Deborah, d. Oct.7, 1845, 71y.
Robinson, Edward, d. Sept.10, 1870, 75-6-18.
Robinson, Eliza Ann, w. Nelson and d. John and Jane Towner, d. Sept.17, 1848,
Robinson, Elizabeth Washburn, w. Sylvester, b. Jan.1, 1809, d. Mar.15, 1846.
Robinson, Emma L., w. George, d. Aug.12, 1891, 84-9-2.
Robinson, E. Nelson, d. Dec.20, 1845, 6m., 28d.
Robinson, Esther, w. Moses C., d. May 8, 1856, 71-8-21.
Robinson, Eugene N., d. June 15, 1889, 42y.
Robinson, George, d. Nov.30, 1871, 69-3-9.
Robinson, Georgiana, d. July 14, 1845, 2-7-7.
Robinson, Hannah J. Henion, w. William J., b. Sept.17, 1841, d. Nov.10, 1900.
Robinson, Helen, d. Mar.23, 1856, 47-7-20.
Robinson, Ida Gallinger, w. Daniel W., b. May 20, 1839, d. Feb.23, 1900.
Robinson, John, d. Mar.28, 1834 in 78th yr.
Robinson, Josephine T., d. Nelson and Eliza Ann, d. Nov.26, 1841, 1-2-2.
Robinson, Laura J. Henion, w. Lewis G., b. 1849, d. 1919.
Robinson, Lewis, d. Sept.4, 1835 in 20th yr.
Robinson, Lewis G., b. 1838, d. 1919.
Robinson, Martin, d. Mar.28, 1832 in 64th yr.
Robinson, Moses C., d. June 8, 1847, 63-8-5.
Robinson, Nancy M., d. George and Emma L., d. Dec.24, 1840, 2-10-9.
Robinson, Nelson, d. Mar.23, 1856, 47-7-20.
Robinson, Rachel, d. Oct.9, 1835 in 24th yr.
Robinson, Sally, w. Edward, d. June 14, 1881, 80-5-24.
Robinson, Samuel, d. May 21, 1890, 75y. (Brother to Susan).
Robinson, Sarah E., d. Sept.30, 1894, 46-7-16.
Robinson, Susan, d. July 4, 1882, 68y. (Sister to Samuel).
Robinson, Sylvester, b. Feb.22, 1802, d. Oct.16, 1887.
Robinson, William J., b. May 24, 1844, d. May 7, 1923.
Rogers, Alanson R., b. Oct.16, 1803, d. Apr.13, 1875.
Rogers, Albertine, d. Isaac and Mary E., b. Feb.22, 1846, d. Mar.1, 1848.
Rogers, Alfred, s. Charles and Phebe, d. Jan.18, 1827, 3-8-5.
Rogers, Amos, d. Feb.12, 1818, 60y.
Rogers, Betsey, w. Amos, d. Aug.10, 1843, 81y., 5m.
Rogers, Cyrus, d. May 4, 1856, 24-5-18.
Rogers, Ferris, d. Mar.18, 1853, 27y., 27d.
Rogers, Isaac P., d. May 11, 1886, 66y.
Rogers, Jennie L. Smith, w. William E., b. 1857, d. 1947.
Rogers, Lewis, b. Sept.3, 1783, d. Aug.25, 1848.
Rogers, Mahala, w. Lewis, b. Apr.25, 1792, d. Oct.15, 1848.
Rogers, Mary E., w. Isaac P., d. Sept.30, 1884, 61y.
Rogers, Phebe, w. Cyrus C., d. Oct. 8, 1846, 49y.
Rogers, Phebe, w. Alanson F., and d. Daniel and Betsey Baldwin, d. Oct.31, 1856,
Rogers, Platt, s. Amos, d. July 13, 1819, 22y.
Rogers, William E., d. May 1, 1886, 42y., 3m.
Russell, Mariah B., w. Levi, d. Feb.5, 1844, 25-2-14.
Rutledge, James, d. May 14, 1886, 40y.
Rutledge, Susan, w. James, d. Apr.22, 1922, 78y.
Scofield, Ella, w. Francis E. and d. James E. and Josephine Taylor, b. 1853, d. 1906.
Scofield, Frances E., b. 1848, d.1918.
Scott, Amy, w. Peter, d. July 26, 1852, 83-2-10.
Scott, Julia Ann, d. Abraham and Hannah, d. Mar.2, 1841, 21-9-14.
Segur, Duncan C., b. Oct. 19, 1842, d. May 15, 1914.
Segur, Elsie Parker, w. Duncan C., b. Nov.10, 1860, d. July 5, 1953.
Segur, Hannah Reynolds, w. Moses B., Apr.27, 1809, d. Mar.25, 1891.
Segur, Lewis R., b. Jan.6, 1841, d. Aug.30, 1876.
Segur, Moses B., b. Jan.18, 1806, d. Dec.12, 1889.
Segur, Selina A., w. William T., b. Feb.26, 1844, d. Dec.21, 1929.
Segur, William T., b. May 28, 1848, d. Nov.18, 1901.
Shaw, Cordelia, w. Simeon M., d. June 8, 1884, 53y.
Shaw, Simeon M., d. Nov.8, 1875, 55-7-28.
Smith, Abigail, w. (Judge) Edward, d. Dec.13, 1835 in 62nd yr.
Smith, Della Olmstead, w. Nathan B., b. Feb.11, 1854, d. Jan.17, 1943.
Smith, Edson T., b. Aug.21, 1815, d. Sept.8, 1903.
Smith, (Judge) Edward, d. Apr.19, 1859 in 90th yr.
Smith, Eliza A., w. Orlando, b. Dec.8, 1838, d. Nov. 4, 1904.
Smith, Joseph N., d. June 10, 1832 in 24th yr.
Smith, Louisa J. Kent, w. Edson T., b. Mar.14, 1819, d. Oct.3, 1893.
Smith, Nathan B., d. June 23, 1922, 74y.
Smith, Orin, s. Hiram and Susan, d. June 17, 1833, 1y., 13d.
Smith, Orlando, b. Dec.29, 1839, d. May 19, 1913.
Sprague, Martha Lewis, w. Robert, b. Mar.31, 1839, d. Oct.6, 1919.
Sprague, Robert, b. Oct.10, 1837, d. Sept.3, 1896.
Steinbeck, Daniel D., b. 1812, d. 1894.
Steinbeck, Emeline Mabie, w. Daniel D., b. 1821, d. 1899.
Stowe, Phebe A., b. 1837, d. 1916. (There is also a stone for Walter H. Knapp, s. Phebe A. Stowe, b. 1857, d. 1926).
Street, Jane, w. Phillip, d. Aug.21, 1875, 55-3-3.
Street, John, s. Philip T. and Jane, d. Nov.13, 1847, 7-10-13.
Stripling, William, b. 1804, d. 1856.
Sunderlin, Adah, w. Daniel H., d. Aug.11, 1872, 76-8-4.
Sunderlin, Amasa, s. Jacob and Mary, d. Feb.20, 1830, 17y.
Sunderlin, Daniel H., d. Oct.17, 1869, 70-7-16.
Sunderlin, Elizabeth, w. John, d. Feb.3, 1839 in 68th yr.
Sunderlin, Emmalinda, d. Dec.12, 1845, 26-4-10.
Sunderlin, Freeman, s. John and Maria, d. Mar.8, 1841, 2y., 2m.
Sunderlin, Hannah J., w. Jacob, d. Mar.29, 1883, 73-11-18.
Sunderlin, Hansel, d. July 11, 1817, 22y.
Sunderlin, Hester Jane, d. Daniel H. and Ada, d. Aug.10, 1827, 7-1-5.
Sunderlin, Jacob, d. Oct.2, 1862, 69-5-8.
Sunderlin, John, d. Aug.30, 1817, 45y.
Sunderlin, John Jacob, s. Daniel H. and Adah, d. Aug.8, 1835, 4-8-27.
Sunderlin, Mary, w. Jacob, d. Oct.27, 1844, 57-2-11.
Sunderlin, Mary, d. John and Maria, d. Apr.14, 1845, 1m., 19d.
Sunderlin, Susan, d. Daniel H. and Adah, d. May 15, 1827, 2y. (rest of stone below ground level).
Sunderlin, Sunderlin, s. John and Elizabeth, d. June 27, 1823, 17y.
Taylor, Alexander, d. Feb.10, 1841, 1y., 6m.
Taylor, Carrie Beach, w. Roswell B., b. 1843, d. 1926.
Taylor, Crosby K., d. Mar.29, 1826, 1-7-5.
Taylor, Eliza Y., w. Roswell B., d. Nov.15, 1866, 52y., 6m.
Taylor, Henry I., b. Patterson, N.Y., Oct.16, 1827, d. Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug.17, 1886.
Taylor, James E., b. 1829, d. 1912.
Taylor, Josephine O., w. James E., b. 1831, d. 1905.
Taylor, Marion E., d. Roswell B. and Naomi K., d. Aug.24, 1866, 31-11-8.
Taylor, Mary C. Haviland, w. William O., b. Nov.30, 1834, d. Jan.16, 1907.
Taylor, Nancy Mabie, w. Roswell B., b. June 10, 1810, d. Nov.8, 1887.
Taylor, Naomi K., w. Roswell B., d. Mar.11, 1857, 59y., 2m.
Taylor, Roswell B., d. July 18, 1874, 74-5-13.
Taylor, Roswell B., b. Nov.2, 1838, d. Mar.22, 1910.
Taylor, William O., b. Aug.17, 1832, d. Feb.28, 1901.
Terry, Eli, d. Mar.27, 1861, 52-1-20.
Terry, Eliza, w. Eli, d. June 9, 1891, 80y., 5m.
Terry, Naomi, w. Peter, d. Mar.15, 1841 in 65th yr.
Terry, Peter, d. Mar.24, 1836 in 64th yr.
Tompkins, Amelia, w. Nelson, d. June 2, 1862, 28y.
Tompkins, Hannah M. Knapp, w. Nelson and d. Wright and Sarah Knapp,
d. Mar.27, 1850, 33-3-2.
Tompkins, Nelson, b. Nov.19, 1812, d. Nov.22, 1902.
Towner, Achsah N., b. 1842, d. 1911.
Towner, Agnes D. Seaman, w. William A., b. Nov.19, 1848, d. Mar.21, 1894.
Towner, Ann Rumsey, w. Richard, d. Aug.3, 1857, 42-11-10.
Towner, Benjamin A., b. Feb.24, 1813, d. July 3, 1881.
Towner, Charles H., b. 1849, d.1940.
Towner, Egbert, s. James and Mary, d. Aug.20, 1849, 32-3-6.
Towner, Egbert, b. Aug.12, 1843, d. Nov.18, 1895.
Towner, Emily Banks, w. John Wyatt, b. Mar.24, 1853, d. Nov.30, 1923.
Towner, Emily Rogers, w. Benjamin A., d. Sept.19, 1870, 57y.
Towner, Gertrude R., d. John M. and Mary M., d. Sept.18, 1848, 5y., 12d.
Towner, Hannah E. Rogers, w. John, b. Nov.12, 1816, d. Aug.6, 1910.
Towner, Huldah P., w. Samuel, d. Sept.22, 1877, 63y.
Towner, Isaac H., d. Mar.23, 1846, 27-4-22.
Towner, James, d. Sept.14, 1870, 87y.
Towner, James A., d. Oct.26, 1842, 20-11-7.
Towner, James N., s. Egbert and Mary E., d. Mar.22, 1864, 15-10-22.
Towner, Jane, w. John, d. Apr.22, 1852, 69y., 26d.
Towner, John, d. Oct.8, 1867, 52y.
Towner, John, d. Oct.9, 1865, 86-3-7.
Towner, John M., d. Valdasta, Georgia, Nov.24, 1867, 63y.
Towner, John Wyatt, b. Jan.2, 1848, d. Aug.14, 1933.
Towner, Levi., only s. John M. and Mary M., d. Apr.8, 1853, 17-7-17.
Towner, Martha, d. Samuel and Olivia, d. Dec.3, 1840, 2-7-22.
Towner, Mary, w. James, d. Sept.1, 1849, 65y.
Towner, Mary, w. Samuel, d. Oct.8, 1827 in 80th yr.
Towner, Mary L., d. May 27, 1905, 81y.
Towner, Mary M., w. John M., d. New Haven, Conn., July 21, 1870, 65y.
Towner, Olevia Maria, w. Samuel, d. Feb.3, 1843, 36-1-1.
Towner, Richard, s. James and Mary, d. June 25, 1844, 35-11-22.
Towner, Samuel, d. Apr.1, 1814 in 70th yr.
Towner, Samuel, d. Aug.26, 1884, 78y.
Towner, Sarah Caroline, w. William, d. Nov.15, 1841, 26y., 6m.
Towner, William, d. Sept.12, 1839, 31-6-26.
Towner, William, s. Samuel and Olevia M., d. May 18, 1842, 4m., 22d.
Towner, William A., b. Apr.29, 1853, d. Sept.4, 1947.
Towner, 2 Infant sons of John M. and Mary M., -one d. Aug.20. 1846, other died
Feb.18, 1848, n.o.dts.g.
Towner, Infant s. Oliva M. and Samuel, d. Nov.10, 1833, n.a.g.
Towner, Infant s. William and Sarah, d. Sept.28, 1837, n.a.g.
Townsend, Daniel K., b. June 9, 1835, d. Apr.17, 1894.
Townsend, Eugene, s. Keeler and Laura, d. Mar.16, 1851, 2-1-22.
Townsend, Keeler, d. Nov.11, 1861, 56-4-9.
Townsend, Laura Kent, w. Keeler, d. Mar.19, 1871, 63y.
True, Julia M., w. Loren W., b. July 21, 1843, d. Dec.31, 1898.
Tucker, Henry G., b. 1840, d. 1926.
Tucker, Jane E. Kent, w. Henry G., b. 1856, d. 1919.
Wakeman, Charlotte Crane, w. Levi, b. July 4, 1826, d. Nov.1, 1901.
Wakeman, Levi, b. Mar.17, 1815, d. Nov.16, 1895.
Washburn, Daniel, d. Feb.24, 1866, 79-3-9.
Whitney, Catherine Bell, w. Joshua, b. Dec.11, 1838, d. May 24, 1926.
Whitney, Dorcas Baldwin, w. Peter R., b. Jan.7, 1797, d. Apr.19, 1881.
Whitney, Ephraim, d. Dec.26, 1830, 59-9-3.
Whitney, Ira, d. Sept.19, 1856, 56-9-23.
Whitney, Joshua, b. Oct.20, 1815, d. Dec.26, 1889.
Whitney, Josiah B., s. Peter H. and Eliza, d. June 20, 1827, aged about 11 months.
Whitney, Julia, d. Aug.18, 1880, 73y.
Whitney, Nancy, w. Silas, d. Mar.27, 1827 in 58th yr.
Whitney, Peter R., b. May 21, 1798, d. Dec.22, 1880.
Whitney, Sarah, w. Ephraim, d. July 14, 1856, 76-2-20.
Wollenbar, Caroline (m.Henrietta Wollenbar Merritt), b. 1821, d. 1908.
Wood, Ann Eliza, w. Nehemiah, d. Feb.7, 1883, 37y., 23d.
Wood, Betsey, n.dts.g.
Wood, Deborah, w. Samuel, b. Jan.8, 1829, d. Aug.9, 1918.
Wood, Fanny M. Holmes, w. John R., b. Sept.28, 1836, d. Dec.4, 1896.
Wood, Hezekiah, d. May 6, 1830 in 50th yr.
Wood, John R., b. Dec.9, 1832, d. July 31, 1874.
Wood, Rhoda, w. Hezekiah, d. Jan.25, 1839, 57-9-5.
Wood, Samuel, b. Sept.5, 1827, d. July 3, 1907.
Worden, Herman W., s. Silas and Jane A., b. 1847, d. 1900.
Worden, Jane A., w. Silas, b. Sept.22, 1818, d. Mar.26, 1896.
Worden, Nelson W., s. Silas and Jane A., d. Sept.3, 1847, 9-7-25.
Worden, Silas, d. Sept.7, 1858, 40y., 6m.
Wright, Polly, d. Oct.25, 1844, 77y.
Wyatt, Azor B., only s. John K. and Julia A., d. Sept.6, 1859. 26-3-14.
Wyatt, Clarissa, w. Henry J., d. Oct.29, 1876. 62-7-27.
Wyatt, Hart W., b. 1847, d. 1921.
Wyatt, Henry J., d. Mar.2, 1860, 47-5-16.
Wyatt, John K., d. Dec.10, 1897, 88-9-24.
Wyatt, Julia A. Barnum, w. John K., d. Aug.14, 1879, 68y., 20d.
Wyatt, Kate A., b. Apr.19, 1842, d. Mar.9, 1912.
Wyatt, Marjorie A., w. Hart W., b. 1861, d. 1938.
Yale, Abigail D. Crosby, w. Benjamin, d. Sept.28, 1869, 80y.
Yale, Benjamin, d. Oct.25, 1854, 71y.