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Bailey Cemetery
Carmel, NY


Bailey, Devoue

Born: Jun 28, 1818 BUYS #: 02
Died: Apr 26, 1892 Troy #: 01
Aged: Location:

Devoue is the son of Levi and Zilla. Devoue apparently left no heirs.

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Bailey, Eliza Ann (Dingle)

Born: 1812 BUYS #: 03
Died: Jul 9, 1876 Troy #: 12
Aged: 62 Years 3 Months 5 Days Location:

Eliza Ann, nee Dingle, the wife of Stephen D. and daughter-in-law of Benjamin, had three children named Mary, Phoebe, and Square. The burial ground of her husband, Stephen D., is unknown.

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Bailey, Frederick Harrison

Born: Feb 17, 1814 BUYS #: 04
Died: Apr 16, 1881 Troy #: 02
Aged: Location:

Frederick Harrison Bailey, son of Levi and Zilla, became one of the more famous of the Bailey Family. Harrison, as he was addressed by his grandfather, Devoue, was an advance man or advertising agent for the John Robinson's Tours Circus. On his travels, he met and adopted a young orphaned page boy named James A. McGinnis. McGinnis adopted the Bailey name and went on to become the partner of Phineas T. Barnum in the Barnum and Bailey Circus firm. James A. Bailey took the circus abroad and built it into the very valuable asset which was sold to the Ringling Brothers at his death in the early 1900s. James died in Mount Vernon in 1906.

Frcderick lived in Cincinnati, Ohio and died while visiting his family in our community.

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Bailey, Levi

Born: 1788 BUYS #: 05
Died: Jun 29, 1864 Troy #: 04
Aged: 75 Years 20 Days Location:

Levi, the fourth son and the last of the Baily 10 children to be buricd in the family plot, also could not please his father. In his Will, Devoue stated "having no confidence in the management of my said son (Levi), if property was placed at his disposal," and then placed his legacy of 100 acres of farn land in trust with the same trustees assigned to Bcnjamin's legacy.

Levi served in the War of 1812. Hc was taken prisoner when Gen. William Hull surrendered to the British at Detroit early in the war.

Lcvi married Priccilla Townsend (Zilla) in 1814 and they had 5 children, the first of which, Frederick Harrison, was bom before their marriage.

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Bailey, Priccilla (a.k.a. "Zilla")

Born: 1789 BUYS #: 06
Died: Aug 24, 1866 Troy #: 03
Aged: 77 Years 20 Days Location:

The wife of Levi, Priccilla (note spelling), nicknamed Zilla, died two years after her husband. Zilla is one of only two Bailey wives buried in the family plot.

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Bailey, Square

Born: 1841 BUYS #: 10
Died: Jun 4, 1842 Troy #:
Aged: 1 Year 9 Months 5 Days Location:

The only son of Stephen D. and Eliza Ann, Square died shortly after his first birthday. The cause and circumstance of death are unknown.

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Bailey, Stephen

Born: 1723 BUYS #: 11
Died: 1812 Troy #:
Aged: Location:

The eldest son of Devoue and Elizabeth Baily, Stephen Baily at the early age of 28. The cause and circumstances of his death are not recorded. He probably left no heirs.

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Bailey, Stuart

Born: BUYS #:
Died: Troy #:
Aged: Location:

Stuart is recorded as the son of Abigail Angevine and Benjamin Baily, which now seems doubtful. Mentioned by Kottas' narrative as buried here, but probably a slip, as he does not separately list him for a grave.

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